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Revolutionizing the Experience of Writing to Learn

Supporting over 15,000 institutions, 1.6 million instructors, and 26 million students.

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More Effective Writers

Original Writing Promotes Critical Thinking

Enable students to take a critical eye to their research and writing sources. Empower students to take ownership of their ideas, and build the critical thinking skills that are foundational to academic success.

Promoting Originality with Turnitin

STUDY: Turnitin Effectiveness and Plagiarism Prevention
U.S. Secondary Education  |   U.S. Higher Education

Seventy percent decrease in un-original content
Fifty-two percent increase in feedback quality

Great Writers, Great Thinkers

Engage students with timely, meaningful feedback.

Close the feedback loop between instructors and students, encouraging their growth as writers and learners. Instructors can easily provide feedback on student work. And students get instant and targeted feedback throughout their writing process.

Smarter Feedback with Turnitin

SURVEY: What Students Think of Turnitin

Student Success

Track Progress. Support Students. Meet Learning Goals.

Ensure student progress through an integrated view of learning over time. Visualize the growth of each student, regardless of grade level, throughout the academic year. Improve transparency of institutional performance and progress.

Online Grading with Turnitin

SURVEY: What Students Say about Instructor Feedback

Thirty-three percent less time spent grading
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Meaningful Assessment

Streamline the Scoring of Writing Assessments

Score student writing better and faster than ever before. Design assessments based on your content, in support of your institutional goals. Ensure fair and timely scoring to meaningfully measure student progress.

Turnitin Scoring Engine


The Plagiarism Spectrum

Learn to identify the 10 types of plagiarism.

Webcast: Positive Feedback Strategies to Enhance Student Engagement

Overcome the evaluative hurdles that come with teaching students.

Strategies for Developing Effective Writing Prompts

Build better writing prompts to provoke students to think critically.