Back to School 2016: Rethink Feedback Improving writing skills for students with actionable, valuable, goal-based feedback

In the Loop:
How Feedback Improves Writing

Start off the school year with a quick, effective quiz to help students understand the power of feedback. Share this quiz to see how much your students know about feedback and how it can improve their writing performance and grades.

Level: High School and Higher Education

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How do students feel about your feedback? In 2016, Turnitin surveyed 1,155 students to discover how they think about and use feedback, to get to what truly makes it effective.

Aiming for Integrity:
How Well do Students Understand Plagiarism?

Last year, we created a 13 question plagiarism quiz designed to help you gain insight into student understanding of plagiarism and citation.

Between September 2015 and April 2016, more than 12,000 unique participants agreed to let us use their quiz responses for a study on student comprehension of plagiarism.

Level: Middle School, High School, and Higher Education

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Webcast: What Students Don't Understand About Plagiarism

How well do students understand plagiarism? What about citation? Where do your students fall on the spectrum of understanding plagiarism?

The Plagiarism Spectrum

The Plagiarism Spectrum identifies 10 types of plagiarism based on findings from a worldwide survey of nearly 900 secondary and higher education instructors. Each type has been given an easy-to-remember moniker to help students and instructors better identify and discuss the ramifications of plagiarism in student writing.

Level: Middle School, High School, and Higher Ed

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Writing is Power

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