Global Innovation Awards 2017: Winner

Category: Partners in Success | Latin America

Blue Hill College

Blue Hill College, Ecuador

Nominated by: Sarita Orellana, General Secretary

“Our institution’s main goal has been to build a culture of academic integrity in our community,” she says.

Adopting new technologies can be challenging. However, Blue Hill College in Ecuador has succeeded in rolling out new tools, programs, and policies, in part because they acknowledge that the role of technology is to assist educators. As an institution that aims to prepare students to be ethical professionals, capable of contributing to a knowledge society, it recognizes that the opportunity to benefit from technologies like Turnitin outweigh the perceived risks.

A few years ago, college administrators integrated Turnitin with Moodle so that everyone could use it. Since then they have been in the process of updating policies and practices to support its use and promote academic integrity campus-wide.

Sarita Orellana, General Secretary at the college who also teaches several writing and information system classes, says, “We were pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of options to use this resource. We use it not only as a tool to check originality, but also as an assessment tool to let instructors make comments regarding student work, provide feedback, and manage grades digitally.”

Orellana was part of a collaborative effort to analyze needs and outline procedures for using Turnitin in the classroom. She says the clear goal was to help faculty use the tool to improve the learning process. It’s an ongoing cycle, but she says they currently provide training and workshops for both faculty and students which have been very well-received.

“Our institution’s main goal has been to build a culture of academic integrity in our community,” she says. “By implementing the right tools and improving policies and practices we’ve been able to not just change beliefs, but also change behavior.” She describes Turnitin as an umbrella for academic integrity, that helps everyone on campus pull together to foster honesty, responsibility, and respect.

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