Global Innovation Awards 2017: Honorable Mention

Category: Writing with Integrity | UK

Dr. Diana Powell

Dr. Diana Powell

Curriculum Manager Skills and Tutorials: Liverpool International College, Merseyside

“Turnitin helps us tie everything together. It's allowed us to go entirely paperless,” says Powell.

Liverpool International College helps international students from all over the world acquire the language, study, and academic skills needed to successfully navigate a pathway to the well-regarded University of Liverpool – which has graduated nine Nobel Prize winners since its founding in 1903.

Dr. Diana Powell, Curriculum Manager Academic Skills and Tutorials at Liverpool International College, credits Turnitin with helping her college boost students’ digital literacy and further reinforce academic integrity. She says they’ve been using Turnitin for a while, but only recently launched a pilot to integrate it with their Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE). She says the goals were to help standardise marking for a mobile, diverse teaching staff; make it easier for students outside the classroom to submit work and access feedback; and streamline management. “Turnitin helps us tie everything together. It's allowed us to go entirely paperless,” says Powell.

Powell says, as good practice the college archives papers for quality assurance. Doing this electronically eliminates reams of paper and makes it easier to track marker comments. “As a manager, I can oversee that process in a much more streamlined way,” says Powell, adding that she can now better assess student needs.

Students say they really like being able to access instructor comments online, especially when students are working in their own time, away from the college building. Powell says, “It's a very different conversation when you're talking to students through a draft.” In other words, she says that Turnitin has made it easier for Liverpool International College staff to highlight exactly where and how students need to improve their writing to meet academic standards.

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