Global Innovation Awards 2017: Honorable Mention

Category: Moving Forward with Integrity | UK

Hartpury College

Hartpury College, Gloucestershire

Nominated by: Andy Beddoe, Blended Learning Manager

“The results for the first academic year have been absolutely outstanding!”

Within just one academic year Hartpury College shifted 100% of its almost 1,800 higher-education students – along with more than 70 academics – from a paper-based academic system to an online or virtual learning environment (VLE). “The results for the first academic year have been absolutely outstanding!” says Andy Beddoe. He works as a blended-learning manager at Hartpury College, which serves both further and higher education students. It’s been operating as a satellite of the University of the West of England, but recently went through the process of becoming a university with degree-awarding privileges.

Before adopting a digital marking system, all students were required to submit paper assignments during office hours. Beddoe says this was particularly challenging for higher education students who lived off campus and had to either pay for postage or drive to college to turn in their work. “You cannot believe how happy they are now,” says Beddoe, adding that faculty members also appreciate the convenience of e-submissions. Now they can mark assignments from anywhere, without having to carry around a stack of papers. They also like the time-saving features, such as drag-and-drop comments.

“Every submission, including degree theses, is now done through Turnitin,” says Beddoe. In addition to enabling e-submissions – which was the primary goal of the project – he says that Turnitin’s embedded originality reports are being used as formative guidance. Students are also now turning in their assignments early to get the report and make any needed changes before final submission. “It’s improving the students’ work.”

With this demonstrated success, senior managers feel confident as they plan to expand the effort to further education students.

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