Global Innovation Awards 2017: Honorable Mention

Category: Writing with Integrity | Africa and Middle East

Indranil Bose

Dr. Indranil Bose

Dean and Senior Lecturer – School of Business: Western International College, United Arab Emirates

“What I’ve done is make students curious about their own work,” he says

Dr. Indranil Bose serves as Dean and Senior Lecturer in the School of Business at Western International College in Ras Al Khaimah (WINC RAK). It’s a well-known branch college in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), accredited by the University of Bolton in the UK. To remain open, all branch colleges must meet certain academic requirements set by the UK Government’s Ministry of Higher Education – in respect of university academic delivery and research standards. All programmes offered in WINC RAK are QAA UK quality assured. WINC RAK is committed to meeting rigorous academic standards, both locally and internationally.

Because the UAE is home to a diverse population, filled with expatriates, Dr. Bose says many of his students come from different academic systems with varying writing and language abilities. “Turnitin has been immensely helpful in several ways,” he says. “Turnitin has helped me to ensure that students' work is free from plagiarism and original.”

When he first started using the software, he says he had no idea about its “magic,” meaning that he was surprised by its power to improve the quality of education and research. Whether working with undergraduate or graduate students, he says Turnitin helps him to identify patterns of plagiarism, prioritize interventions, and offer specific feedback on how to correct mistakes. He lets students revise their work, because he believes practice is an essential component of developing writing skills.

Dr. Bose says that more than 90% of his students have improved their writing skills with the help of Turnitin. “What I’ve done is make students curious about their own work,” he says, referring to how he uses Turnitin to start conversations about plagiarism and the importance of developing authenticity and competency in writing. Many of his students go on to work for international companies in industries such as banking and the Third Sector, where integrity matters. “We have a culture of ensuring that plagiarism is not allowed, and Turnitin is the main tool,” he says.

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