Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention

Category: Academic Integrity | Africa and Middle East

Jelena Zivkovic

Jelena Zivkovic

Director of Academic Advising & Retention: American University of Nigeria, Nigeria

As one of the first members of staff at her institution to use Turnitin, Jelena’s primary objective is to help students “be more creative and original thinkers” whilst also trying to break the culture of copying often learned from high school to induct students into a new culture of academic integrity. Jelena utilises a range of activities in her teaching practice in order to prepare her students for Masters’ programmes in the wider world, whilst enabling them to “start competing globally”. For instance, activities where students have to submit multiple drafts of a piece of work to Turnitin allow Jelena to discuss with them what is acceptable and what is not in their writing and to set her expectations of original work. Jelena also stimulates debate with her students by discussing cases of plagiarism by high profile figures, enabling them to understand the detrimental effect it can have on careers. Interestingly, she also uses Turnitin as part of her teaching in business as an example of a great innovation!

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