Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention

Category: Academic Integrity | K12 | North America

William Kimsey

William Kimsey

English teacher and department chair (Shadow Mountain High School), Adjunct professor (Arizona Christian University): Shadow Mountain High School & Arizona Christian University, Arizona

Using Turnitin to provide feedback and grade student papers is a big part of how William uses Turnitin. Giving feedback that supports students in learning how to be great thinkers and writers is what he’s passionate about. By sharing common mistakes on student work with his class (through the use of screenshots from Turnitin), William is able to really help students see how to use feedback to improve their work and develop their own skills in self-editing--in giving feedback to themselves.

In line with this approach, he uses Turnitin’s Similarity Report to teach students how to review their own content matches. William asks his students to review their own content match percentage scores and ask questions of themselves about how they used source or original content in their papers. He’ll focus on paraphrasing in particular, using parts of the Similarity Report to lead students in a discussion on how to identify a paraphrasing issue and how to improve it.

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