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  • What Makes Feedback Effective?

    In this blog, you can explore preliminary findings from over 1000 students in our most recent 2015 study “From Here to There: How Students Use Feedback.”


    Since our most recent study, “Instructor Writ Large: Student Perceptions on Effective Feedback,” we are continuing the investigation into the effectiveness of feedback with our latest survey, which is currently out and collecting data from students. This questionnaire delves more deeply into how students interact with feedback. Here are some intriguing, preliminary results we are seeing:

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  • Helping Students Develop their Argument

    Read how Rachel Pezold, English and Creative Writing Teacher at Washington High School, gives targeted feedback in Turnitin to help students develop their argument.


    The CEW (Claim, Evidence, Warrant) QuickMarks allow teachers to give students feedback about their evidence writing. They are useful in ensuring that students are really understanding how to use evidence as support to their argument - and then making that evidence useful in the paper.

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  • Quick Tip: Targeted Feedback for Better Conclusions

    Read how Matthew Davidson, English teacher at Sutherland High School, provides feedback to better improve student conclusions.


    My "Conc." QuickMark. Description: A conclusion should leave your reader with a sense that your paper, while defending an initial premise, has been building toward an important idea.

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