Essay of Opposing Ideas

Essay of Opposing Ideas

This rubric is designed to assess essays written on research and debate in the 11th grade classroom.

The Essay of Opposing Ideas allows students to choose, fully explore, and then, make an informed decision on what SHOULD be thought of as right on a given issue. Students choose a debatable issue by researching two opposing viewpoints on that issue, select pertinent information that will support each side of the issue, and document that information using APA Style. In the conclusion, students summarize the issue, recommend a particular course of action dealing with the issue, or support one side of the issue.

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This rubric utilizes the following criteria:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of Works
  • Response to Question
  • Appreciation of Literacy Conventions of the Genre
  • Organization and Development
  • Language

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Submitted by: Joseph Beyrouty
Kellenberg Memorial High School
Uniondale, NY, U.S.

Joseph Beyrouty teaches College Writing, English 11A1 and English 11 Honors at Kellenberg Memorial High School.