Jarmese Sherrod

Jarmese Sherrod

2017 Judge

Dr. Jarmese Sherrod engages her students to not only help them develop their skills, but also so that they grow in their passion for writing. To do this, she must employ a variety of techniques to appeal to the diverse range of students she teaches. For instance, she focuses much of her attention on grammar and mechanics with her developmental students--not just because they need these skills to write well, but because she believes that not having these skills prevents them from being passionate about writing.

Academic integrity is as much a part of Dr. Sherrod’s writing instruction as anything else. At the beginning of class, she has students review and sign a “plagiarism agreement,” which defines the act and provides advice on how to avoid it. She frequently employs discussion questions for their writing assignments, and requires that they use and properly cite outside sources for each and every one. For 5 years, in her face-to-face, hybrid, and online classes with the University of Maryland University College while stationed in Germany and in the U.S., she allowed her students to revise their work several times, using Turnitin Feedback Studio to review their papers and check their sources.

At Richland Community College in Illinois, Dr. Sherrod has been very involved in engaging students about academic integrity. She helped revise the institution’s academic integrity procedures as Co-Chair on the Academic Standards Committee, and has helped build modules on plagiarism and proper citation within the school’s learning management system. New students are required to review and take quizzes on these units before they have access to their classes. All of Dr. Sherrod’s efforts are towards the goal of supporting her students’ writing skills development, because, as she says:

“Writing...has to a be part of your daily life.”

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