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Turnitin may be integrated into Canvas for use via LTI. The Turnitin LTI tool provides full support for the use of OriginalityCheck, GradeMark, and PeerMark within Canvas.
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Canvas LTI Integration


  • Provides full support for the use of OriginalityCheck, GradeMark, and PeerMark within Canvas

Installation Instructions

An LTI app can be configured in Canvas on either a course or account. You will need to manually configure an External App in your account settings in Canvas using the instructions below to integrate with Turnitin:

  • Enter the Name, Consumer Key (your Turnitin Account ID), and Shared Secret
  • Select 'Manual Entry' as the configuration type
  • Enter the Configuration URL and Domain
  • Please choose one URL based on your location: (UK USERS ONLY) (ALL OTHER USERS)

  • Set the Privacy to 'Public'

The app should then appear under 'External Tools' when saved and can then be added to a module. Instructure provide further documentation on how to configure LTI tools within the Canvas environment in their help centre here.

Alternatively, you can call your Canvas support representative and ask them how you can configure Canvas to work with a course level external LTI 1.1 tool.

Canvas - Turnitin Plug-in Features

  • Supported primarily by Instructure.
  • Plug-in developed by Instructure in cooperation with iParadigms, using the publicly available Turnitin API.
  • Allows access to Turnitin Originality Checking (not GradeMark or PeerMark) without having to leave the Canvas environment or log into Turnitin directly.
  • Turnitin Originality Checking is integrated into the standard Canvas user interface, alongside other Instructure Canvas components.
  • Allows unified management of assignments through the Canvas user interface.


User Manuals


If the answer to your Instructure Canvas question is not found here or if you have a more technical question, please view the manuals above or contact the helpdesk.

  • How do I enable my account for Canvas integration?

    In Turnitin go to the "account" tab in "Administrator" mode. Record the Account ID, then click the button under the "integrations" column. Enter the required values for the "Instructure Canvas" integration and clik "submit". Make sure to record the "Shared Key" you entered.

    In Canvas, go to your account Settings page and check the box for "Enable turnitin for this account". The "Turnitin Account ID" and "Turnitin Shared Secret" fields are required. After entering the correct values click "confirm Turnitin settings" to make sure things are configured correctly and Canvas can communicate with your Turnitin account.

  • How do I create a Turnitin-enabled assignment in Canvas?

    Turnitin-enabled assignments are no different than regular Canvas assignments. If you have Turnitin correctly configured on your account and you create an assignment with a submission type of either "Online Upload" or "Online Text Entry" then you should see a checkbox for "Enable Turnitin Submission Evaluations". Checking this box will make the assignment a Turnitin-enabled assignment.

  • How do users submit assignments for a Turnitin-enabled assignment in Canvas?

    The assignment submission process is unchanged for Turnitin-enabled assignments.

  • How do I know when a student submission has an Originality Report?

    When a student Originality Report has been processed, you will see an originality score in both the Speed Grader and the grade book for that student. Clicking the icon will load the full originality report in a new tab.

  • How do I view the Originality Report for a student submission?

    Whenever you see an originality score in the grade book or Speed Grader, you can click this icon and the full Originality Report will load in a new tab.

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