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Changing Culture to Promote Integrity: Why Progress Is Possible

There is nothing immutable about the cheating culture that now exists in many educational settings worldwide. On the contrary, we know the values of students can be changed when institutions invest in the right strategies. This session will explore key drivers of the cheating culture and outline what it will take to dismantle that culture.

Wikipedia in the Classroom

Students use Wikipedia—but have you ever thought of asking them to contribute content to Wikipedia? In this presentation, LiAnna Davis from the Wiki Education Foundation will explain best practices for using Wikipedia as a teaching tool.

The Cultural Implications of Contract Cheating

With the globalization and commodification of higher education, contract cheating has become big business and is quickly embedding itself within the education culture and dramatically altering institutional cultures across the globe. This session will explore the cultural implications of contract cheating.


The pressures of competition and peer culture can certainly stand in the way of students who want to have successful–and honest–academic careers. Join guest panelists David Callahan, David Wangaard, Jennifer Schroeder and Stephen Kuntz they discuss practical strategies students and schools can use to build a culture of academic integrity.

Decisions on Deadline

Join Samantha Grant and Brittney Shepherd, the award-winning filmmakers of A Fragile Trust and creators of Decisions on Deadline, as they share a game that combines journalism, ethics, and student choices.

Improvisation and Plagiarism

For many teachers and students, the discussion of plagiarism centers on the do’s and dont’s and the consequences for violating integrity policies. Instead of solely focusing on this negative classroom dynamic, Teresa "Teddi" Fishman is encouraging a more positive approach—one that elevates a student’s view of creativity and original thought.