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The Gamification of Learning

Curious about how gamification can impact student motivation? Zandree Stidham will share current research behind the gamification of learning, discuss the intersection of gaming and student engagement, and share strategies for deploying game-based approaches in the classroom.

Using Peer Review in Computer Programming

Team projects provide great opportunities for collaboration and group learning among students, while peer evaluation provides another avenue for enhancing critical thinking skills. The combination of the two is very effective in creating active learning environments, where students are engaged in both working and evaluating their own and others' work.

The Wealth In Words

What does the teaching of vocabulary have to do with social inequality? And, how does vocabulary size correlate to intelligence and real-world competence?

Dial Up and Dialed In

In this session, Kelley Brumbelow shares her strategies for engaging students through the lens of her experience teaching in an online-only classroom.

The Role of Automated Feedback in the Classroom

Join us for a special interview with Elijah Mayfield as he discusses advances in the field of automated essay feedback and the work of LightSide Labs, which has developed an approach for helping to facilitate the timing and efficacy of teacher-guided feedback by placing automated scoring in students' hands.

Is the Pen Mightier than the Pixel?

Communication between teachers and students are shifting rapidly from paper to the digital medium. Such a fast and strong transition, though, provokes one to question whether or not these changes are beneficial for students.