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From Here to There: Students’ Perceptions on Feedback Goals, Barriers and Effectiveness

From Here to There

Students’ Perceptions on Feedback Goals, Barriers and Effectiveness

The process of teaching students how to write is centered around feedback that can guide student understanding of how their writing was received and interpreted. Feedback is essential to writing instruction. In order to provide more effective and engaging feedback, we need to ask: how well do students comprehend and act upon the feedback we deliver to them?

Lesson Plan Ideas: Engage Students & Improve Writing Skills

9 Lesson Plan Ideas for Educators

Educators are faced with an increasing challenge of engaging students. How can teachers effectively reach students and help them become better writers? What are effective approaches for promoting critical thinking and original writing?

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The Future of Writing: I Wandered Lonely In The Cloud

Anya Kamenetz writes for a living-- everything from Tweets to books--in the age when pixels are replacing print. That means she lives in the world for which your students are preparing. Ms. Kamenetz will talk about how various aspects of the digital age (crowdsourcing, voice recognition, instant feedback, data journalism, mobile, social, etc.) figure into her writing practice, and will share how your writing assignments might also reflect them.

Writing By Hand, Keyboard, Voice and Beyond

Each mode of writing we adopt (by hand, by keyboard, or by voice) brings with it unique advantages and challenges. Join Steve Graham as he discusses how these writing modes have an impact on both readers and writers. Additionally, we’ll explore the” beyond”-- new modes of writing that are just starting to become available.

Keynote : No Laptop Left Behind?

Technology is neither necessary nor sufficient for good writing, as demonstrated by Homerian epics (tech not necessary) and bad blogs (tech not sufficient). Yet in the 21st century, digital technology is integral to the writing process. How can these tools be applied to improve writing skills?

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Ever feel like the international students in your classroom are not receiving the type of feedback they need to become better writers? Teaching writing to college freshmen in Los Angeles, we encounter a large population of foreign students.

The Role of Automated Feedback in the Classroom

Join us for special interview with Elijah Mayfield as he discusses advances in the field of automated essay feedback and the work of LightSide Labs, which has developed an approach for helping to facilitate the timing and efficacy of teacher-guided feedback by placing automated scoring in students' hands.