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Formative Essay Feedback Using Predictive Scoring Models

This scholarly paper examines the performance of the predictive essay scoring models that power Revision Assistant and the innovative use of these models to provide actionable feedback to student writers.

Teaching Students about Plagiarism Early

Teaching Students about Plagiarism Early

David Wangaard

David B. Wangaard, Ed.D. is the President and Director of The School for Ethical Education. ​Prior to earning his doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Colorado, David was a K-12 school principal in Alaska.

Understanding plagiarism and its many forms is an important lesson that should be taught at every grade level. In this webinar, David Wangaard president of The School for Ethical Education explores the different forms of plagiarism and why many students end up unknowingly plagiarizing.

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What's Wrong with Wikipedia?

Turnitin has worked with academic experts to develop The Source Educational Evaluation Rubric (SEER). Instructors and students who use SEER can quickly evaluate a website and arrive at a single score based on five criteria scaled to credibility.

Closing the Gap: What Students Say About Instructor Feedback

Closing the Gap

What do students value in terms of instructor feedback on their writing? Turnitin recently conducted a survey of 1,000 students to gather insights into how instructor feedback impacts the development of student writing.