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Teachable Moments: Using Current Events to Discuss Plagiarism

Plagiarism has been in the news quite a bit this election cycle, and there have been many scandals involving public figures in the past few decades. These events are startling and shocking, but can also be educational as they can demonstrate to students the importance of always using one's own voice when writing.

Comment Crafting: Strategies for Using QuickMarks to Capture Students' Attention

Audrey Wick, English Professor at Blinn College and the 2014 Turnitin All Star MVP for Higher Education, is ready and willing to share with you her best practices on using QuickMarks. She'll discuss her tips for customizing them and for making them fun and engaging to ensure that your students will read and apply your feedback in their work.

Narcissism and Extrinsic Values: Understanding Student Trends that Impact Plagiarism and Cheating

Narcissism has increased along with related traits such as thinking one is above average, entitlement, inflated expectations, and extrinsic values such as focusing on the outcome of education rather than the process.

“Color Me Bad?”: Fostering Plagiarism Awareness with Turnitin Originality Reports and The Plagiarism Spectrum

Students are often unaware of what constitutes plagiarism. The Plagiarism Spectrum was designed to help students see how plagiarism is defined and can take form.

Stopping Plagiarism at the Source

Every teacher dreads it—the plagiarized paper, the confrontation with a student, the demise of trust and learning. As schools move toward an online future, educators are understandably concerned about increases in plagiarism. Yet while the problem is real, there are solutions beyond forcing teachers into the role of police.

Creating an Academic Integrity Community through Campus Partnerships and Educational Initiatives

In this session, Dr. Orr will present strategies and steps for creating such partnerships. Webinar participants will discover new ways to engage faculty, staff, and students in creating communities of integrity.