• The Importance of Originality Beyond the Classroom

    As the mechanical beast lumbered into the sky, I realized that I was leaving all that was familiar behind. My high school, my home, my family, and my dogs all disappeared into the jet stream of the airplane carrying me to my destination. It was a surreal, out-of-body experience. This was a trip into the unknown. My only company: smiling airline attendants painted onto the safety manual and the second bag of peanuts I managed to secure. A trip from a small, suburban town in the East Bay of California to the adventures that awaited me at the University of Alabama. Two thousand miles away and for the first time in my life, I was on my own.

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  • Discover your AIQ with Turnitin at ISTE!

    School’s out for the summer, which in the EdTech industry can only mean one thing: ISTE is coming. This year, Turnitin is arriving in Chicago, Illinois with energy, enthusiasm and an eagerness to connect with you! Not only do we have stellar educators ready to share their best practices in writing instruction and academic integrity, but we’re also bringing our A-game with a family-feud style competition for attendees. Come to our booth to win incredible prizes as you answer questions on citation and writing and discover your AIQ: Academic Integrity Quotient!  

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  • Originality in Comics

    On March 12, 1951, one of the most amazing coincidences in any artform happened in the world of comics.

    On that day in the United States, the first edition of Dennis the Menace was published. However, on that same day across the Atlantic, in the United Kingdom, edition #452 of the comic Beano was published, introduced a new character, also named Dennis the Menace.

    The odds were astounding. However, the two creators, Hank Ketcham in the US and David Law in the UK, were an ocean apart and had no contact with one another. In this pre-internet era, it wasn’t just that they were unaware of what the other was doing: there was no way they could have known

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  • End of Year Reflections


    The arrival of summer signals the end of the school year across the northern hemisphere. Restless students, ready for adventures outside the classroom, and instructors who cannot wait for rest and relaxation are counting down on calendars. And because everyone shares this excitement for the coming break, the importance of end-of-year reflections can sometimes be overlooked. Here are a few ways that students and teachers can meaningfully look back on their school year and end their academic calendar with both gusto and gratitude.

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  • A Few Great Activities You Can Do During Testing Season

    Like vacuums, testing season can often suck. When testing season arrives, anxious students and busy educators from east to west seek ways to find calm, stay focused and maintain positive energy. Whether it is state testing or final exams, here are a few great activities teachers can do with students in K12 and beyond to survive exams with grace intact.

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  • The Best of Both Worlds: Turnitin + Canvas

    Calling all Canvas users! Prepare to experience Canvas and Turnitin in a whole new way with the new Plagiarism Framework. This optimized integration allows Turnitin’s trusted similarity features to work with Canvas assignments in the most seamless way possible. Here are three ways you can live your best life with Turnitin and the Canvas Plagiarism Framework.

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  • TAs: The Unsung Heroes Using Turnitin

    Turnitin is used by 15,000 institutions across the globe. Typically, when we characterize individuals using Feedback Studio or Revision Assistant, we talk about educators and students. But, digging a little deeper into that educator category, we find that there is a group of unsung heroes using Turnitin’s solutions: Teaching Assistants. In celebration of National Teacher Week, we seized the opportunity to speak with three TAs from UCLA to shine a light on the important role they play in an undergraduate’s educational experiences.  

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  • Top Ten Things No One Appreciates About Teachers


    Students and families may not know that there is more to teachers than meets the eye. In celebration of National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week here in North America, we here at Turnitin brainstormed all the amazing things that educators do daily that go unnoticed. And while we could fill a novel, we narrowed it down to a list of the Top Ten Things No One Appreciates About Teachers. And just maybe, you’ll take a moment to appreciate a teacher in your life who has worked hard behind the scenes, without pomp and circumstance, to get the job done.

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Parent-Teacher Conferences


    When I first started teaching, parent-teacher conferences were my worst nightmare! Now after years of practice, I actually enjoy them and look forward to uninterrupted time with parents.  When preparing for parent-teacher conferences, it helps to understand the positive aspects of the meeting for parents. First and foremost, it’s an opportunity to celebrate their child; second, conferences help parents to feel more connected to the teacher and the school community and third, it’s a chance to recognize that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and that educators and parents are on the same team to help the child feel confident, grow and succeed. 

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  • Our commitment to data privacy: Turnitin and GDPR


    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union’s new data privacy regulation, will come into effect on 25 May 2018 and will have an effect on all organisations and individuals who live or operate in the EU.

    The GDPR regulation represents the most revolutionary shake-up of data protection law in the EU in over 20 years. Why is that? It has a broader scope, contains stricter standards, and is accompanied by significant financial penalties. It sets rigorous conditions on the use, process, and export of personal data in an attempt to strengthen individuals’ rights.

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