• #whyiturnitin: 15 Educator Tweets on Improving Student Writing


    One perk of working with so many educators across the globe is hearing their stories about how they engage, inspire, and teach students about writing skills and academic integrity.

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  • Turnitin Receives 2015 Award of Excellence


    We are proud to announce that Tech & Learning Magazine has awarded Turnitin as a winner in the 33rd annual Awards Of Excellence. Every year a panel of educators examines hundreds of education technology products, looking for products that “break new ground as well as those that add significant enhancements to proven education tools.” 

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  • Highlights From Student Success Week 2015

    Over 5,000 educators and students registered for Student Success Week 2015, the third annual virtual conference hosted by Turnitin. Thirteen inspiring speakers and moderators conducted eight online sessions based on the theme "Writing X Tech," which explored the intersection of writing and technology in education. Watch all webcasts on-demand.

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  • Extended Q&A: “Aligning STEM and the Humanities” With Tom Rudin

    Tom Rudin, Director of the Board on Higher Education and Workforce at the National Academy of Sciences, shared his thoughts on how we can better support STEM education by supporting the instruction of critical "soft skills." Watch the webcast.

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  • 8 Not-to-miss Webcasts Next Week | Student Success Week 2015

    Student Success Week 2015 is less than a week away! In its third consecutive year, this free virtual conference will spend five days exploring how technology influences writing instruction and the student learning experience. See the full schedule.

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  • 4 Engaging Resources for Back to School

    A new academic year has begun and writing assignments are soon to be distributed. How knowledgeable are your students about plagiarism and writing with integrity? Do you have effective tools to help students learn about writing best practices?

    Beginning the new school year with the right resources will help improve students’ attitudes, confidence, and academic performance.

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  • Summer Learning: Lesson Ideas Part Three

    We featured lesson ideas to improve student engagement and encourage better writing practices with the following classroom activities in the first and second part of our Summer Learning Lesson Ideas series.

    Summer is the perfect time to re-tool or refresh content and revamp approaches to better improve student learning, so this month, we’ve provided more creative and fun lesson ideas for students that add an extra instructional punch to promote feedback or teach plagiarism. Let us know what you think and how you can take what we’ve created and build on it!

    Summer Learning Part 3 Icon

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  • Survey: What Do Students Think of Turnitin?

    Students’ Views of Turnitin as a Learning Tool for Proper Citation, Feedback Provision and Writing Skills Improvement

    We’re fortunate enough to have great relationships with the educators who use Turnitin, but we don’t have as many opportunities to engage with the people we are ultimately trying to help the most -- the learners. That’s why we surveyed students to find out what they think about the value of writing, originality and feedback, and then also to ask them their opinions about Turnitin. The results were encouraging and quite positive.

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  • Experiment 2016: Streamlining Through Turnitin

    Classroom practices blog by Marina Amador, a high school teacher and Turnitin Certified Trainer


    My first exposure to was a crash course in how to login and a brief description of its "plagiarism" check. I am sure there are many who can relate to this experience with turnitin or some other instructional fad that is suddenly our new best friend.

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  • Top 12 Reasons to Use Turnitin

    Educator blog by Dawn Birch, STEAM English teacher at Metro Tech High School


    As I have used through my years teaching in high schools, universities, and graduate schools, I have come to rely upon it with obsession. Here are those lessons in a succinct list.

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