Turnitin Support Wizard and Onboarding Resources

Turnitin is excited to announce new self-service features that make guidance more accessible to Turnitin users and improve how users get started.

Welcoming New Users: Steps to Getting Started

Administrators and instructors will now be presented with clear steps for getting started with Turnitin. Learning about the Turnitin system before login makes for a quick and easy first experience, and once the basics have been checked over, Turnitin can be accessed from the bottom of the landing page.

Information can also be downloaded for later, or accessed at any time from

How Can We Help You? New Support Wizard

Turnitin users now have access to a self-service tool to assist with any issues they may encounter.

The Turnitin Support Wizard:

  • Offers quick links to the Knowledge Base and help with logging in.
    Known or common issues can cause frustration among our users, as well as difficulty logging into Turnitin. In these instances, we aim to offer as much support as possible - that’s why our Knowledge Base and login help sit at the very top of the page for easy access. To present a host of useful information all in one place, users can view both the help center and Turnitin’s known issues from inside the wizard without having to navigate back and forth.
  • Allows users to select a category and subcategory, which returns a helpful answer or an easy-to-follow set of instructions.
    For example, you may be an instructor looking for help with creating a class. The Turnitin support wizard can help! Simply select your user type to unlock a set of instructor help categories, then select Classes and Creating a Class. Click Find Answer, to reveal a short piece of guidance relating to the selected categories. A link to is also available, providing further assistance.
  • Links you to the support form.
    Should the wizard fail to provide users with a helpful answer, the support form is readily available via the No, I Need More Help button at the bottom of the page.
  • Can be accessed easily.
    The Support Wizard can now be reached via the Help icon on the Support page. You can’t miss it!
  • Is mobile device friendly.
    The Turnitin Support Wizard and Form is fully responsive for use on a mobile device, making it easier to find help. As well as raising a ticket on the go.

Getting Started with Turnitin