8 Webcasts to Help Students Write Better | Writing X Tech 2016

During the week of April 18-22, we will be hosting our annual, spring virtual conference, which will showcase a week of webcasts that feature thought leaders, industry experts and champion educators.

The theme of Writing X Tech 2016: The Writing Mindset is to explore how thinking differently about writing can engage students and set them up for success. Each of the 8 exclusive webcasts will be discussing topics ranging from: How can mobile devices support the writing process? How can copying other writers’ work help develop students’ writing skills? How can academic writing be a pleasure to read—and to write? View the full schedule for The Writing Mindset here.

The impressive lineup of speakers include:

Roy Peter Clark, Vice President, Poynter Institute for Media Studies
Helen Sword, Director, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education, University of Auckland
Michael Goodwin, English Teacher, The Bronx High School of Science
Bernard Robin, Associate Professor of Learning, Design and Technology, University of Houston
Anita Lundberg, Associate Professor, James Cook University
Beth Holland, Doctoral Student, Johns Hopkins University
Virginia Berninger, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Washington
Adam Tramantano, English Teacher, The Bronx High School of Science

Each webcast is 45 minutes in length with a 15 minute Q&A session that follows. Educators and students are welcome to attend. 

By participating in this webcast series, Turnitin will be providing certificates of participation and prizes to non-student participants, including ten (10) $100 gifts toward a project.

Register for individual sessions.