No Feedback Left Behind - Feedback Studio for iPad

78% of survey students consider teacher feedback to be “just as important for their learning as studying, doing homework, and listening to instructors’ lectures.”

At Turnitin, we’ve been working to support effective and engaging feedback by building tools that close the gap between teachers and students. With the release of Feedback Studio, our new version of Turnitin, we’ve made giving and getting feedback easier--with a new interface design that really puts feedback front and center. 

But, how helpful is great feedback if you can’t get it, when and where you need it most?

We’re excited to announce an update to the Turnitin iPad app that now makes the app available for student use, too! 

The ability to grade anywhere, anytime, without carrying the weight of a mountain of papers around with you - that was the message we heard from our community of instructors when we first launched the Turnitin iPad app in 2013. 

“Using the Turnitin Feedback Studio app on my table makes grading very convenient. I’ve taken it to the playground--while my kids were playing, I was able to finish commenting on papers.” - Adam Tramantano, English teacher at the Bronx High School of Science

“I can grade papers anywhere I want on my tablet with the Turnitin Feedback Studio app. Not having to carry so much around with me has been great for my back!” - Cheryl Ashbaugh, Communications Professor at Robert Morris University

We also heard lots of feedback from students, who wanted to take advantage of the Turnitin iPad app so that they could get their feedback whenever and wherever they are.

So we did just that. 

Students can use the Feedback Studio for iPad to view their assignments, upload their papers, view their Similarity Reports and get feedback and their grades, all on the go.

“Especially as a military student, who always has things to do, I think the Feedback Studio for iPad app makes it really simple to submit my writings and to get on-the-go feedback. It’s really simple and intuitive to use, too. I love it.” - Jacinta Lujano, Naval Postgraduate School

While we were at it, we’ve also made some big changes for instructors, which includes improved feedback and commenting tools, a simpler user interface and flow, and streamlined account and class management.

Feedback is most effective when it connects students and educators in meaningful conversations about the students’ work. Feedback Studio for iPad app supports those conversations by helping students get feedback when and where they need it most.

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