Werewolf? Walking Dead? Engaging Students in Writing with Halloween QuickMarks

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 How should you comment on students’ papers in October? With spooky, fun Halloween QuickMarks™, of course! Turnitin QuickMarks are drag-and-drop comments that educators use to leave feedback on student papers. These seasonal QuickMarks will motivate students to read your feedback, help them remember your clever comments, and incorporate your suggestions in their next drafts.

Halloween QuickMarks

Witch one? 🎃
This is a commonly-confused word choice. Other examples include: their vs. there, its vs. it’s, and affect vs. effect.  

Exorcise this possession 👿
This is a misplaced apostrophe mark.

Son of Frankenstein ⚡
Like Frankenstein’s monster, this passage is made up of fragments.  Please try to make it more cohesive. 

Walking dead 💀
This is an error that you’ve made before, and it keeps coming back.

What a Treat! 🍬
This is very creative!

Break the spell! ✨
You’ve cast a “bad spell” here. Fix the spelling to make it right.

Spooky! 👻
You seem to have some information or evidence that appears out of nowhere. How do you know this?

Bloodsucker 💋
Don’t be an idea vampire, let your reader know where you got this information from. Please cite!

Run-on seance 🔮
Like a bad session with a spirit medium that never ends, this sentence is going on far too long.

Werewolf? 🌖
Like a werewolf before a full moon, this is a transition to watch out for. 

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