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Immediate Feedback on SAT® Essay Writing Practice for Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy Now Available

In our last blog article, we introduced you to the role that Turnitin Scoring Engine plays in providing automatic scoring of the SAT® practice essay as part of the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. In that post, we also mentioned that students would soon be able to benefit from feedback to help them improve their SAT essay writing.

We are pleased to announce that immediate and actionable feedback on writing is now available to students as part of the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy through an integration with Turnitin Revision Assistant®!

Revision Assistant is a new Turnitin program that leverages the same technology that powers the essay scoring, but instead of providing just a score, it provides students with feedback that they can use to improve their essay writing.

Revision Assistant is already used in more than 300 schools in the U.S. as a formative writing tool that helps students develop their writing skills. Revision Assistant provides both holistic and sentence-level feedback--called “Signal Checks”--that students can use to improve their writing. The goal of Revision Assistant is to help students write and revise more, take ownership of the writing process, and improve their writing skills.

Incorporated into the essay section of Official SAT Practice, Revision Assistant provides students with immediate feedback on their Writing, Analysis, and Reading skills.

These are the same criteria that are used to score the SAT Writing Essay. Students can take benefit of immediate feedback and practice revising their essays--all within Revision Assistant. Once they feel ready, students can then return to try their hand at another SAT Practice Essay.

With this latest release, Turnitin continues to support the College Board and Khan Academy in helping students improve their writing skills--a key determining factor in academic and career success.

More information:

Turnitin Scoring Engine is available on a customized basis for writing assessment needs.

Turnitin Revision Assistant is available as a standalone program and also available as part of the College Board’s SpringBoard®, a comprehensive 6-12 math and English instructional program.