Grade Assignments Fast: Turnitin QuickMark Drag-n-Drop Comments

How can you give effective feedback to students on their writing assignments -- FAST?

Create custom and pre-defined drag-and-drop sets of customizable comments, of course! Educators are always looking for ways to save time, while providing the best feedback they can on student writing.

Turnitin QuickMarks™ are drag-n-drop comments that can be used by an instructor when editing or grading papers within Turnitin Feedback Studio. While evaluating a paper within Feedback Studio, instructors can access a pre-set library of QuickMark “comments” that they can quickly drag-and-drop directly onto students papers.

Instructors can also create a customize set of their own QuickMarks to use as they grade assignments–to be added to their personal library or upload QuickMarks Sets provided by Turnitin.

As students read the feedback on their paper, the QuickMark shows a snippet of what the feedback is, and they can read a more thorough description by clicking on the QuickMark comment, which includes explanations, hyperlinks, sources, even emojis.

Educators can also share reusable comment libraries across their institutions.

“I have added a lot of QuickMarks comments. It’s just been really helpful to me to be able to add those comments because then I don’t have to write the same paragraph over and over and over again when the same problem happens over and over and over again.” - Cheryl Ashbaugh, Robert Morris University

Educators have shared many of their QuickMarks within the annual Winter Wonderland QuickMarks™ Contest. For 2016, if you use QuickMarks as a way to deliver feedback strategies to students, enter for a chance to receive a $50 gift card (U.S. only), plus a $50 donation through to a project of your choice.

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