The White House Invites Turnitin to Visit and Demo Revision Assistant

Revision Assistant Recognized for Work on Testing and Writing Assessment

 This year Turnitin had a rare and special honor of visiting the White House to be recognized for work on its formative writing technology, Revision Assistant. On December 7, 2016, Elijah Mayfield, VP of new technologies, Jill Hedrick, SVP of Sales, and Stephanie Butler, director of product management, traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with other education technology leaders. Read the press release.

"We’re honored that The White House and Department of Education are recognizing Turnitin Revision Assistant as a tool to evaluate writing for the express purpose of giving constructive feedback," said Mayfield. "In our studies, teachers found Revision Assistant opens the door to deeper conversations about effective writing and improves the quality of writing students were submitting."

During the Innovative Assessment Tech Jam, which was hosted by the White House and the Department of Education (DOE), a small number of selected edtech products that help lead to better, fewer, and fairer assessments were showcased. The Turnitin team demonstrated how Revision Assistant works, and let students, educators and DOE members test drive the product.

Students at the tech jam had an opportunity to demo several educational products share their feedback. Before trying out Revision Assistant, many reported that they didn’t like to write because they were unsure if they were doing well until after they got back a grade. When they saw immediate feedback from Revision Assistant’s “Signal Checks” they were delighted. More than one student asked how quickly they could start using Revision Assistant in their schools. One student summed it up this way, “This is very helpful, and I hope to share it other students soon so that we can all get As on our papers.”

How does Revision Assistant help with assessment? Instead of evaluating the quality of a student’s writing by assigning a score, Revision Assistant can evaluate a student's essay and provide instant, specific feedback highlighting strengths and weaknesses found in the essay. As students continue to make revisions, they may request an unlimited amount of tailored, specific feedback from Revision Assistant.

This smarter assessment is achieved through natural language processing and has motivated students to improve from an average of two drafts to an average of 10 revisions when using Revision Assistant.

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