Understanding Plagiarism with Help from Dr. Seuss

In Stephen Fox's recent webcast, "Understanding Plagiarism with Help from Dr. Seuss," he highlighted how he demonstrates several ways of attempting to paraphrase Green Eggs and Ham to add familiarity, memorability and fun into the plagiarism discussion at Hawai'i Pacific University.

Webcast: Understanding Plagiarism with Helpf from Dr. Seuss

"The purpose of the presentation is prophylaxis for the persistent plague of plagiarized papers," said Fox as he channeled his inner Dr. Seuss. "Pleasantly, the percentage of plagiarizing pupils plummeted!"

We hope that this webcast and accompanying lesson plan will be thought-provoking, engaging and helpful for your students.

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As a fun poll, we also asked the audience what their favorite Dr. Seuss book was. Here were the results:

What's your favorite Seuss book?