Survey: What Do Students Think of Turnitin?

Students’ Views of Turnitin as a Learning Tool for Proper Citation, Feedback Provision and Writing Skills Improvement

We’re fortunate enough to have great relationships with the educators who use Turnitin, but we don’t have as many opportunities to engage with the people we are ultimately trying to help the most -- the learners. That’s why we surveyed students to find out what they think about the value of writing, originality and feedback, and then also to ask them their opinions about Turnitin. The results were encouraging and quite positive.

Some of the key findings we came across are that students do, generally, recognize the value of writing well and the importance of proper citation. It appears that Turnitin’s Originality Reports, alone, seem to help them improve significantly in avoiding plagiarism. However, students are much more likely to revise and say that their skills in avoiding plagiarism improved much more when instructors used the reports in class to discuss proper citation. This finding that instructors are so influential is not a surprise, but it is still extremely important to note.

In regards to feedback, students told us that they much prefer feedback provided digitally over pen and paper, and the majority would even like to have it in multimedia formats. The survey results also demonstrate that the more students use feedback, the more likely they are to say that their writing skills improved. Again, this may not be surprising, but we hope that educators might share these data with their students to reinforce the importance of listening to feedback, applying it in revision, and practicing writing.

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