Back to School: Teaching Resources to Improve Writing Skills and Educate Students about Plagiarism

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Begin the new school year with resources that will impact students’ attitudes, confidence, and academic performance! Turnitin’s “Rethink Feedback” back-to-school resources and tools help K-12 teachers and higher education instructors educate students about plagiarism and academic integrity, and improve writing skills.

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The free back-to-school resources include:

In the Loop: Feedback Quiz

How well do students understand the value of feedback? This 12-question, online self-teaching tool helps students understand the value of feedback and explains how to get the most from feedback and how to respond to instructor feedback, while encouraging students to separate feedback from evaluative measures like grades. Share this quiz with students and use the Answer Guide to have discussions in your classes.

Feedback that Makes the Grade

78% of students say they want feedback from teachers, but how do they feel about the feedback teachers are giving? This online infographic lists five tips for fantastic feedback, details how students use and think about feedback, and explains what makes feedback effective in the classroom.

Aiming for Integrity Analysis

How well do students understand plagiarism? This report compiles over 12,500 data points from Turnitin’s Plagiarism Quiz to understand student perceptions of proper citation methods and the ethics of writing. Join the webcast to hear the analysis discussed live, and get ideas on how to support student understanding of plagiarism.

Plagiarism Spectrum

What is plagiarism? Students often are not aware there are different types of plagiarism. View and share this infographic about the 10 types of plagiarism. Also request posters for classrooms, or download a student handout or the full study. Use the infographic and posters in your classrooms, together with the Plagiarism Quiz (above) and these Lesson Plan Ideas for ongoing engagement.


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