Best Practice: Multiple Submissions

Multiple SubmissionsAllowing students to submit each draft multiple times before the due date helps them foster the development of their own writing.

Create an incentive to start and submit work early. Students who turn in their work early will have a chance to look at their OriginalityCheck feedback to see if they've adequately integrated their sources and then make changes as appropriate before resubmitting by the due date. There is a 24-hour waiting period before the next report will be processed to prevent devious students from resubmitting their assignments too often to prevent them from trying to iteratively bring down their similarity score.

Enabling multiple submissions also shows that you trust your students, allowing them to see their feedback immediately and take corrective action. This also alleviates some of the anxiety students may have around the use of Turnitin by using it in a non-threatening and supportive way.

This strategy is great at the beginning of a course when students are still adjusting to the new coursework and instructor, and as a way to reinforce the importance of proper source integration. As stakes increase later in the term, you can start to raise expectations as well and not allow the multiple submissions, though formal draft assignments are still recommended.

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