Turnitin for iPad is Here

Complimentary and Complementary. No, it's not a lesson on grammar—it's Turnitin for iPad®.

On Thursday, we introduced the new Turnitin for iPad app featuring your favorite feedback features from Turnitin available at your fingertips. The app, for instructor use only, is available as a free download on the App Store—that's the complimentary part.

Turnitin for iPad is the perfect companion to the web version of Turnitin and LMS-integrated versions of Turnitin—that's the complementary part.

In the first day, we quickly shot up to the top 10 free education apps on the App Store and a featured app for teachers.

So if you have an iPad, jump onto the App Store and download Turnitin. There's a great tutorial built into the app to get you familiar with the re-imagined interface. And with offline grading capabilities, you'll be able to Grade Anywhere™.

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