2012 Release Highlights

Common Core Rubrics

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Preloaded writing rubrics aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are now available to U.S. GradeMark users in K-12 schools and community colleges. Instructors can attach a rubric to any assignment to better convey their expectations to students, grade submitted work against the CCSS, provide critical feedback to support student success, and track student progress. The six rubrics were developed in conjunction with the English Professional Learning Council and include informative, argumentative, and narrative rubrics for grades 9/10 and 11/12.

Common Core Rubrics

Voice Comment

Add a Voice Comment (Beta)

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The ability for an instructor to leave a personal voice comment is a powerful tool for providing feedback to a student. With just a few clicks, instructors can quickly record a detailed message of up to 3 minutes in length and attach it to a paper. This new GradeMark feature is especially useful in disciplines with written assignments that are graded primarily on content vs. writing skills, such as science lab reports. Additionally, those who teach ELL students can more fully explain their feedback in more understandable terms.


Students hear the content of the message, and, more importantly, the context of the feedback and tone of the instructor's voice.

Share Papers Within an Institution

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Turnitin administrators can now allow instructors to view source text from a matching student paper without submitting an instructor request if the original student paper was submitted at the same institution. This feature helps instructors access student papers submitted to an instructor who is no longer at their school. To view a student paper submitted at a different school, instructors will continue to submit an instructor request.

Share Papers

Student List

Download Active Student List

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Turnitin administrators can now download a list of students enrolled in active classes. The list includes the student name, email, class names, instructor names, and more.


New Interactive Student Homepage

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The new design of the Student Homepage makes it easier for students to view assignments, submit papers and access GradeMark feedback. From the new student homepage, students can quickly access a read-only version of the rubric that is attached to their assignment before they submit their paper, helping students obtain a clear focus for their writing and the specific criteria that will be used to assess their performance.

* May not be available for all integrations.

Student Homepage

Translated Matching

Translated Matching:
A Global Approach to Plagiarism (Beta)

Turnitin OriginalityCheck now features an innovative, cross-language approach to identify "translated plagiarism." Translated plagiarism consists of students taking existing source material in one language, translating it into the language used at their institution and misrepresenting it as their own work. With our new translated matching capability, international and multi-language schools can identify unoriginal content that has been translated from English into other languages.


The beta release of translated matching is offered in the following language versions of Turnitin: French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese and Turkish. Translated matching also works on submissions in Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Romanian.

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* Translated matching is not available to customers using an integration to access Turnitin.

Striking Text in GradeMark

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A popular feature that has returned to GradeMark is the ability for instructors to cross out text on a student paper. Try it! Just select some text, then hit the backspace or delete key. Strikethroughs added to a paper will also appear on the instructor's sidebar Comments List.

Striking Text

Expanded Rubric

Easier Rubric Viewing and Scoring

We've made it easier for instructors to view and score papers using rubrics. While viewing a paper in the GradeMark Document Viewer, instructors can now see the full rubric table they previously set up in the Rubric Manager. The expanded rubric opens in a new browser window and instructors just click on the rubric cells to score a student's paper.