Upcoming Submission Workflow Changes

In mid-January, we will be changing the assignment submission workflow for instructors and students. This change is specific to users submitting a single file to Turnitin from,, or select LMS integrations that offer a single-sign-on or a framed-in experience.

As we expand Turnitin’s accepted file types to include files that may have little or no text, we want to show an immediate image preview of the file being submitted. Below is the upcoming new submission workflow from a student perspective; instructors will have a similar experience:

First, the student fills out the Submission title field, and selects a file to upload (from local computer, Google Drive™, or Dropbox), then click the Upload button.

Step 1: Select File

After clicking upload, the student is shown a 'Processing' screen, with some additional information about the submission and assignment.

Step 2: Processing

A formatted preview of the first page of the submission is displayed. The user is prompted to confirm the submission. If for some reason a paper takes more than 2 minutes generate a preview (which is rare), there is an alternate workflow in which the user can choose a couple options:

  • Cancel, and try again—the user will be taken back to select a file.

  • Keep trying, I'll be back—the user can leave and will be sent an email with status information.

The user can also decide to continue waiting.

Step 3: Please Confirm

The user can zoom in on the image preview if needed to help confirm that they have submitted the correct file.

Step 3b: Enlarge Image Preview

The user is shown a digital receipt, with some updates.

Step 4: Digital Receipt

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