New Mark-Criterion Association in Turnitin

Mark-criterion association is the ability to associate marks (bubble comments or QuickMark® comments) on the document with criteria in the rubric or grading form in Turnitin. The association will appear both on the mark and on the criterion in the rubric or grading form.

Both instructors an students will see the association between marks and criteria.

The criteria selection list on the mark

If a rubric or grading form is attached to the assignment, every bubble comment and QuickMark comment added to a submission will include an option to associate the mark with a criterion from the assignment's rubric or grading form.

Criteria Selection List

The collapsed view of a mark with an associated criterion

An indication that the mark is associated with a criterion will also appear on the collapsed view of the mark on the document.

Collapsed View of a Mark with an Associated Criterion

The mark association indicator in the scorecard

If the instructor chooses to associate a mark with a criterion, a mark association indicator (a bubble with a number in it) will appear to the left of the criterion's name in the scorecard.

Mark association indicator in scorecard

The associated mark list for a criterion

Clicking on the mark association indicator will display a list of the marks associated with the criterion. Clicking on a mark in the list will cause the document viewer to scroll to the location of the mark and to display the mark's content.

Associated Mark List for Criterion