Class Tagging

Class tagging is the addition of fields to indicate the level and subject area for the class when creating or editing classes in Turnitin. Class tagging will allow the service to begin to compile useful data about classes in anticipation of a future addition of Turnitin analytics.

What will class tagging look like?

Class tagging will take the form of two additional fields in the class creation and edit screens in Turnitin.

Class Tagging

The "Subject area(s)" field is used to describe what subject or subjects will be taught in the class.

In higher education accounts, the "Student level(s)" field is used to describe at what education level or levels the students in the class are (e.g. undergraduate, post graduate). In secondary education accounts, the field will appear as "Student age(s)" and will be used to describe the ages of the students in the class.

The fields include the possible options in drop down menus. Instructors can begin typing in the fields to filter the list of available options.

The fields are required fields for new class creation in the Turnitin interface. The fields are also required for classes that are edited in the Turnitin interface.

Instructors may enter more than one value for each field if applicable.