• 5th International Plagiarism Conference - Recap

    20120725 plag confThe 5th International Plagiarism Conference started last Tuesday (July 17, 2012) with a welcome address from Turnitin's Vice President of International, Will Murray, and an opening address from Craig Mahoney, chief executive of the Higher Education Academy. The kickoff continued with a morning keynote from Dr. Tracey Bretag of University of South Australia, discussing policy, practice, and the student perspective. An afternoon keynote from Dr. Virginia Barbour from the Committee on Publication Ethics spoke about plagiarism from an editor's perspective. During the day there were also an additional 22 available sessions and workshops.

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  • Right-to-Left Submissions Now Supported in Turnitin

    We're excited to announce that Turnitin can now support paper submissions in right-to-left languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and more) with the full functionality of Turnitin's Document Viewer. The Document Viewer allows you to view a fully-formatted paper that retains images, charts, tables, and columns. 

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  • Turnitin Featured on TeacherCast

    TeacherCast.netTeacherCast's Jeff Bradbury talks with Turnitin's Ray Huang and Jason Chu to talk about Turnitin, GradeMark, and Common Core State Standards.

    TeacherCast App Spotlight: @Turnitin

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  • Difference Between Personalization, Individualization, and Differentiation

    In education, terms like personalization, individualization, and differentiation get thrown around frequently as alternative approaches to the one size fits all approach to teaching and learning.

    To help demystify these alternatives, Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey developed this chart on the differences on approaches to teaching and learning. The chart clearly explains that personalization is about the learner and the distinct difference in the learning environment.

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  • Colored Highlights in GradeMark

    Turnitin recently added the ability to add colored highlights with comments to student papers in GradeMark. Instead of only a plain yellow highlighter, you can now choose from five colors—blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple.

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  • Discontinuing the Old GradeMark

    Turnitin users will no longer be able to access old version of GradeMark after July 23, 2012. If you are still using this earlier version, we recommend you switch to the current version of GradeMark as soon as possible.

    20120615 discontinuegm

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  • Downloadable Digital Receipts

    20120614 digitalreceiptIn response to user requests, Turnitin will be making changes to how students can access the digital receipts for their submissions. We plan to make these changes in August 2012. The following are the changes that will be included in the new digital receipt process:

    • The digital receipt will be downloadable as a PDF from the student's class homepage and from the document viewer—instructors will also be able to download this PDF digital receipt from the document viewer.
    • The new PDF version of the digital receipt will include the submission date and time.
    • The digital receipt that appears on the screen after the student has successfully submitted a paper will now include a message explaining how students can access this PDF version of the digital receipt for download and printing.
    • The email digital receipt that is sent to students will no longer include text from the submitted paper - the emailed receipt will contain a confirmation message and directions for how to access the new PDF digital receipt.

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  • Further Insight into Student Research Habits [Infographic]

    The folks over at EasyBib, a citation help site, recently created a new infographic on information literacy. This infographic builds on research from Turnitin's Infographic and White Paper on the top sites students are turning to on the web, and adds EasyBib's citation data and student survey to offer further insight into student research habits as well as the critical role that librarians play in developing 21st century informational literacy skills.

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  • Collaboration Between Social Networking and Education

    Watch this panel discussion on collaboration between social media and education. This forum was presented by the Brookings Institute's Center for Technology Innovation. This panel of experts address the challenges of using new technology and policies behind integrating technology into the education system.

  • 40,000 Trees

    Photo by Aapo Haapanen via FlickrSince 2011's Earth Day, around 65 million student writing assignments were submitted to Turnitin. If all these papers were submitted, graded online with GradeMark, and returned to students ... all without printing, together we could've saved nearly 40,000 trees!

    Alright, well let's do some math:

    65 Million student writing assignments submitted to Turnitin ...

    With an average length of 5.2 pages per assignment ...

    That's 338 Billion pages ...

    With an average of 8,333 sheets of paper in a tree (Conservatree) ...

    Saves the world 40,562 trees ... if we went paperless!

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