• Back to School 2017: Why is writing important?

    Back-to-School is in full swing, and we couldn’t be more excited to support the millions of students and teachers this school year.

    Turnitin values the writing process and the role that writing plays in helping us to engage with the world around us. We believe that work with words matters. Writing isn’t just a skill that students learn and leave in school. As we move into different contexts, environments, and stages in life, writing is a steadfast companion, helping us to translate and process the world around us.

    Since everyone has diverse experiences, perspectives, and unique points of view that motivate them to write, the Turnitin team couldn’t help but wonder:

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  • iOS Apps, and Optimization, and Offline Grading, Oh My!

    Welcome to Write with Us Wednesdays. Classrooms all over the world use Turnitin’s offerings to improve writing, prevent plagiarism, and support academic integrity. Every Wednesday, the blog posts are for the practitioners. Check back each week for product updates, creative use cases, and tales from the field.

    For teachers, the work day extends far beyond time spent in the classroom. Planning, prepping, and grading often happen outside of regular school hours, especially during the hectic back-to-school season. Our Feedback Studio for iOS app has always been a hit with our educators, and we are continuously refining the mobile experience for both instructors and students.

    The latest round of updates is no exception. Now, it’s easier than ever to give feedback, encourage original writing, and ensure academic integrity anytime, anywhere. To get your devices ready for fall, download, the new Turnitin Feedback Studio mobile app for iPad and iPhone and take a look at all it has to offer. Here are some highlights:

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  • Meet the Curriculum Team

    Back-to-school is fast approaching, and we’re kicking things off with a new blog series: Write with Us Wednesdays. Classrooms all over the world use Turnitin’s offerings to improve writing, prevent plagiarism, and support academic integrity. Every Wednesday, the blog posts are for the practitioners. Check back each week for product updates, creative use cases, and tales from the field.

    For our inaugural Write with Us Wednesdays post, we want to introduce you to the educators and practitioners that reside within Turnitin’s walls. Like most technology companies, we have Product and Engineering teams. Their core aim is to build high-quality tools that solve teachers’ problems, but they can’t do it alone. How do we ensure that the solutions we create can be easily and practically implemented by teachers? Meet the Curriculum Team.

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  • Summertime Success with Revision Assistant

    At the start of summer, Scott Rosenkranz, English Curriculum Coordinator at Fullerton Joint Unified High School District and CEO of OnCore Education, Inc., was faced with a challenge: he had 15 days spread over four weeks to cover one semester’s worth of units for an English class.

    Working with 36 students from grades 9-12 who did not pass their English classes during the school year, his goal for this targeted summertime intervention was simultaneously simple and staggering: growth for all students. For 33 of the students that completed the course, this goal was achieved. When measuring student progress against Scott’s rubrics, the students increased one level in writing proficiency.

    We spoke to Rosenkranz about these impressive results, and he shared the trifecta of teaching strategies and tools that made this summer’s intervention one of the most effective he’s ever conducted. Here’s his recipe for summertime success.

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  • A Midsummer's Day Conference Recap

    School may be out for the summer, but here at Turnitin, the learning is hardly on vacation. We make a point to take advantage of this season of conferences because it affords us ample opportunities to interact with and learn from all of you. So far, ISTE and ERDI have already come and gone, but we’re still steeped in the positive energy from both events. Here’s a recap of the greatest learnings, surprises, and what’s coming next.

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  • Strategies to Resist Plagiarism

    As regular readers of the blog know, student plagiarism is a challenging issue in education today. According to The School for Ethical Education’s (SEE) Academic Motivation and Integrity Survey1 (AMIS), almost 60% of US public high school students who responded to the survey self-report some form of plagiarism during a typical school year. As educators, we have three options to choose from as we consider how to respond to the problem we and our students face.

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  • 3 Ways to Connect with Turnitin at ISTE

    Summer is (finally) here, and everyone's favorite education conference is upon us. This year, Turnitin is shaking things up in San Antonio, Texas with some exciting new ways to share the latest and greatest in writing instruction. If you're passionate about writing and like to have a little fun while you're at it, then you won't want to miss three great ways to connect with Turnitin at ISTE.

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  • Turnitin Wins 23rd Annual Best Educational Software Award

    Turnitin is proud to announce that both Turnitin Feedback Studio and Turnitin Revision Assistant were recognized with The ComputeED Gazette's 23rd Annual Best Educational Software Awards! The BESSIE Awards highlight programs that serve as tools for educators and/or parents that meaningfully promote educational excellence. Publishers nominate these programs, which are then evaluated according to multiple criteria such as "academic content, technical merit, subject approach and management system." (BESSIES website, 2017).

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  • 3 Ways to Get the Most out of Revision Assistant’s Spot Check and Expansion Pack Assignments

    As this school year winds down and educators start thinking about planning for the next, we want to share a few tips on how to take advantage of our newest Spot Check and Expansion Pack assignments throughout the year.

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  • Plagiarism and Defamation

    A whistleblower at Indiana University, South Bend has emerged victorious in a protracted legal battle over alleged defamation, but the victory only comes after great expense and years of work proving his case.

    The case began in 2012 when Mark Fox accused two business professors at IU of plagiarism. The first, Douglas Agbetsiafa, was the former chair of the economics department and was accused of plagiarizing some 15 papers, four of which have since been retracted or removed.

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