• Plagiarism and Programming: How to Code Without Plagiarizing

    In honor of National STEM Day, we are investigating plagiarism in the STEM subjects. In this post, guest blogger Jonathan Bailey examines the rise of plagiarism in computer science classes. 

    Programming classes are rapidly becoming among the most popular classes at universities. But, as more and more students are learning to code, an increasing number are finding themselves accused of plagiarism.

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  • What Does College and Career Readiness Really Mean in 2017?

    As students navigate the complex path to college and beyond, many may wonder what it means to be prepared for life after high school in this modern day. Does college readiness mean the ability to pull all-nighters before an exam? Does career readiness have to entail four summer-long internships that lead to an entry-level position?

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  • New Expansion Pack Prompts in Revision Assistant

    Are you in search of high-quality, engaging writing prompts? That’s the story of our lives! When it comes to all things writing instruction, Revision Assistant, as per usual, is here to the rescue. We are excited to share that 39 new prompts have been added to Revision Assistant’s Expansion Pack module.

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  • The Reading and Writing Connection with Steve Graham

    We are rounding out the first season of The Written Word with a two-part episode that focuses on the connection between reading and writing. For Part 1, we had the tremendous privilege of speaking with Steve Graham, the Warner Professor in the Division of Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. He is one of the foremost experts on the educational psychology of writing.

    Here are four insights into the connection between reading and writing that Steve Graham shared with us.

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  • Two Districts, Two Tools, and One Innovative Way to use Turnitin

    Turnitin’s Feedback Studio and Revision Assistant are two different tools designed to support writers throughout the writing process. This year at CUE Fall in American Canyon, we will hear from three teachers hailing from two very different districts— Newport-Mesa Unified School District and Nicolet High School District—on how they have used these tools to inform the work of Professional Learning Communities.

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  • Three Things Your Students Don't Know About Academic Integrity

    In today’s world, students and teachers alike are over-scheduled and under pressure. High-stakes testing, rigorous online and on-campus coursework, and the rising cost of higher education all play a part in influencing the modern education space. In addition, digital technology has blurred the lines of ownership and originality, with its unfettered exchange of information online. Teachers may think that their students know what it means to act with academic integrity, but these digital natives—who grew up with internet access, file-sharing, and mashups—may not be seeing the whole picture. And in our fast-paced world, understanding academic integrity is more important than ever.

    Here are three things that your students may not know about academic integrity:

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  • International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating

    Turnitin is committed to providing the most effective educational tools to protect intellectual property and promote academic integrity. In alignment with the commitment to ethics in education, we’re supporting the 2nd Annual International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating.

    To recognize the International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating on October 18th and share its importance, we interviewed Tricia Bertram Gallant, Transition Co-Chair for the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI). Tricia joins us to raise awareness about the rise of contract cheating and offer ways for institutions and stakeholders to combat this growing phenomenon.

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  • Researching the Nuts and Bolts Behind Revision Assistant

    At Turnitin, we’re big fans of research—user research, market research, scholarly research. We’ll take it all. While there are a number of internal teams that conduct research, the New Technologies team plays a unique research role at the company. This team consists of our machine learning experts, and they investigate future potential uses of machine learning in edtech as well as the effectiveness of our existing products.

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  • Connect with Turnitin at EDUCAUSE

    Here at Turnitin, we’re settling into fall and getting excited about our favorite higher education edtech conference. Turnitin is shaking things up in Philadelphia by sharing some innovative ways to keep your institution's reputation top of mind. If you're looking for new ways to protect your institution, then you won’t want to miss Turnitin Feedback Studio at EDUCAUSE. Our leading solution safeguards the reputation of over 15,000 higher education institutions.

    Here are two easy ways to stay connected with Turnitin at EDUCAUSE.

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  • 3 Challenges and 3 Strategies: Des Moines Public Schools and Revision Assistant

    Jeremy Schwennen, Curriculum Coordinator for Secondary Literacy at Des Moines Public Schools, and his fellow administrators identified that writing simply wasn’t happening enough in the middle and high school classrooms at Des Moines Public Schools (DMPS). While writing instruction was not directly embedded into existing district initiatives, all stakeholders agreed that students needed to be able to organize and communicate their thoughts in order to be successful in secondary school, college, and beyond.

    Last month, Schwennen hosted a webcast with Turnitin that detailed not only the challenges that DMPS encountered with writing instruction but also the strategies teachers and administrators employed in response to these challenges. Schwennen identified that three primary obstacles stood in the way of making writing a routine part of every classroom:

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