• Test, Get Feedback, Improve Writing Scores

    Immediate Feedback on SAT® Essay Writing Practice for Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy Now Available

    In our last blog article, we introduced you to the role that Turnitin Scoring Engine plays in providing automatic scoring of the SAT® practice essay as part of the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. In that post, we also mentioned that students would soon be able to benefit from feedback to help them improve their SAT essay writing.

    We are pleased to announce that immediate and actionable feedback on writing is now available to students as part of the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy through an integration with Turnitin Revision Assistant®!

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  • SAT® Essay Practice: More than Just a Score

    SAT® Essay Writing Scoring for the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy Now Powered by Turnitin

    Nearly seven million students took either the SAT® or PSAT/NMSQT in the 2015-2016 school year.1 Of those test takers, 2.5 million prepared for the SAT exam using an innovative program that was launched by the College Board and Khan Academy in June of 2015.

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  • Teachers Talk Writing: Instructional and Developmental Tools

    Understanding students’ writing strengths and weaknesses are important for teachers in targeting instruction. All students improve their skills and grow throughout the span of their education, so it’s important to keep tabs on where each student stands and, also tools that are out there to help.

    In a recent webcast, former teachers Jill Crivelli and Kristin Van Gompel discussed the challenge of getting students to revise their writing and take ownership of their work.

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  • Global Innovation Awards 2016

    Congratulations to the 2016 Turnitin Global Innovation Award Winners

    We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Turnitin Global Innovation Awards! This year’s award program recognizes 58 educators, technologists and students in 21 countries for their dedication, innovation and excellence in academic integrity and student engagement.

    Each winner and honorable mention is highlighted with their own inspiring story. See their stories.

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  • Is it Plagiarism or Not?

    Tagging 10 Types of Plagiarism with The Plagiarism Spectrum QuickMarks Set  

    Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 10.04.06 AM.png

    We developed the Plagiarism Spectrum as a way to help students to understand how plagiarism can take form. The Spectrum identifies the 10 most common types of plagiarism and “tags” them with digital-like monikers. Naming the types “clone,” “remix,” or “hybrid,” for example, have really shown to appeal to students, particularly in getting them to identify and remember the different types. 

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  • Comment Crafting through QuickMarks

    Audrey Wick is an English Professor at Blinn College and the 2014 Turnitin All Star MVP for Higher Education. She has been using Turnitin for over a decade and shares her best tips for quality feedback here.

    We all know that quality feedback to students on their writing is essential. But with so many students and so many assignments, instructors can easily get overwhelmed. That’s where digital scoring and comments can be useful tools.

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  • What Does Global Ethics Day Mean to You?

    Today, Wednesday October 19, marks Global Ethics Day. Launched by the Carnegie Council, Global Ethics Day explores the meaning of ethics in international affairs - including in education.

    To mark Global Ethics Day, Turnitin asked educators across the world what academic integrity means to them, and why it is so important.

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  • Werewolf? Walking Dead? Engaging Students in Writing with Halloween QuickMarks

    Turnitin Back to School 2016 logo

     How should you comment on students’ papers in October? With spooky, fun Halloween QuickMarks™, of course! Turnitin QuickMarks are drag-and-drop comments that educators use to leave feedback on student papers. These seasonal QuickMarks will motivate students to read your feedback, help them remember your clever comments, and incorporate your suggestions in their next drafts.

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  • No Feedback Left Behind - Feedback Studio for iPad

    78% of survey students consider teacher feedback to be “just as important for their learning as studying, doing homework, and listening to instructors’ lectures.”

    At Turnitin, we’ve been working to support effective and engaging feedback by building tools that close the gap between teachers and students. With the release of Feedback Studio, our new version of Turnitin, we’ve made giving and getting feedback easier--with a new interface design that really puts feedback front and center. 

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  • Educating Students: 7 Ways Feedback Improves Writing

    Feedback is valuable information that helps improve writing skills. Instructors spend a lot of time providing feedback to students, but do students know why feedback is important and how to apply that feedback?

    Share these tips with students to help them get the most out of feedback and start seeing the impact on their writing. Use together with the online Feedback Quiz to optimize improvement.

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