• Promoting Academic Integrity the Library Way

    Librarians have always had a fundamental role to play in promoting academic integrity, and for Piero Cavaleri, Chief Librarian at LIUC Cattaneo University, Italy his systematic approach to implementing Turnitin was successful in raising awareness of the issues amongst the student population. The positive emphasis placed by Piero on appropriate use of sources of information coupled with development of academic writing skills earned him a Turnitin Academic Integrity Award. Use of Turnitin as part of this journey for students was supplemented by one-to-one tutorial support in academic writing. Piero’s influence now extends beyond his immediate university and to the wider Italian academic community. Read Piero's case study.

  • Redefining the Feedback Process

    Toby Trewin, Education Technology Manager at Hale School, the oldest independent boys’ school in Western Australia, and winner of one of the 2015 Turnitin Global Innovation Awards is passionate about the importance of providing feedback as a means of improving students’ understanding and performance. For him Turnitin has redefined the feedback process and has provided teachers at the school with a valuable resource, time, allowing them to focus on teaching and learning and developing the formative experience of students in the classroom. Watch Toby's video.

  • Strategies for Developing Effective Writing Prompts

    writing prompt graphic

    In a recent live webcast, long-time instructors Matthew Davidson, chair of the English department at Sutherland High School in Pittsford, New York, and Charles Trafford, English teacher at Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, Washington, shared their experiences with getting their students to think critically and deeply about writing prompts.

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  • Revolutionizing the Experience of Writing and Student Learning

    At a recent Insight Analytics & Emerging Technologies Symposium, Elijah Mayfield, VP of New Technologies at Turnitin, discussed the potential real world impact of emerging technologies on teaching practices, based on direct observational research and classroom pilots with thousands of student writers. See Elijah in this related Revision Assistant video.

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  • Best QuickMarks of 2015 Winners

    To wrap up 2015 and get the new year off to a great start, we invited Turnitin educators to share their best QuickMarks™. Quickmarks are commonly used feedback comments that users drag and drop onto student papers to improve their writing. Thanks to all the participants for sharing their creative, useful, and brilliant QuickMarks! See all the #quickmark15 entries. Here are our contest winners...

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  • 2015 Year in Review: Writing, Feedback and Academic Integrity Strategies

    To improve student writing, educators must deliver feedback tactically. Sharpen your 2016 strategies for engaging students in the writing process with valuable insights, tools and research from the past year.

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  • Positive Feedback Strategies to Enhance Student Engagement

    In a discussion with Dr. Jennifer Haber, a professor at St. Petersburg College, she shares her experiences on how to engage students in the writing process through positive feedback. Dr. Haber has been teaching writing classes at a four-year institution for over 15 years and her approach to helping students succeed is to provide them with as much feedback on their writing as possible. 

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  • Best QuickMarks of 2015 Contest

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  • #whyiturnitin: 15 Educator Tweets on Improving Student Writing


    One perk of working with so many educators across the globe is hearing their stories about how they engage, inspire, and teach students about writing skills and academic integrity.

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  • Turnitin Receives 2015 Award of Excellence


    We are proud to announce that Tech & Learning Magazine has awarded Turnitin as a winner in the 33rd annual Awards Of Excellence. Every year a panel of educators examines hundreds of education technology products, looking for products that “break new ground as well as those that add significant enhancements to proven education tools.” 

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