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Write to Read

Join us as two experts share their research about the links between writing and reading development and how writing can help students strengthen reading skills.

How to Interpret a Turnitin Similarity Report

In this webcast Ann will discuss how is understanding a Turnitin similarity reports, interpreting similarity scores, what to look for in Turnitin® reports at a class and individual level and using filters available in Feedback Studio.

Formative Essay Feedback Using Predictive Scoring Models

This scholarly paper examines the performance of the predictive essay scoring models that power Revision Assistant and the innovative use of these models to provide actionable feedback to student writers.

Teaching the Future

Robert Wilson, Deputy Head of Elsa High School - Hong Kong, discusses the challenges facing teachers in 2016 and beyond.

How learning analytics can help promote student engagement and academic integrity

Jason M Stephens will discuss how learning analytics can help promote student engagement and academic integrity.

Teaching Students about Plagiarism Early

Understanding plagiarism and its many forms is an important lesson that should be taught at every grade level. In this webinar, David Wangaard president of The School for Ethical Education explores the different forms of plagiarism and why many students end up unknowingly plagiarizing.