Aiming for Integrity: What Students Don't Understand About Plagiarism

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Session Description:

How well do students understand plagiarism? What about citation? Where do your students fall on the spectrum of understanding plagiarism? In September 2015, Turnitin released a web-based quiz that was taken by about 25,000 students and educators, worldwide. Join us for an engaging session where we review the quiz results, shed light on student misconceptions about plagiarism, and how to use the quiz to support student understanding about plagiarism in your classes.

This webcast will be recorded. Participants of the live session will receive a certificate of participation.


Aiming for Integrity

Sean Tupa, Education Manager

Having worked in various capacities for the College Board, Sean has held the role of Director of Research for the Digital Solutions department and as a Director with the Innovation & Concept Development team.

Aiming for Integrity

Jason Chu, Education Director

As Education Director for Turnitin, Jason works to build resources for educators, and his personal passion is to find better ways to enhance student achievement. He will be moderating this webcast.

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