Different Strokes for Different Folks: Strategies for Differentiating Writing Instruction Through Collaborative Conversations

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Session Description:

How can middle and high school educators support all students in developing college and career ready writing skills? A “sea of talk” can be the vehicle through which writing instruction is differentiated to support all students in their growth as writers. In this webcast, we will explore a variety of research-proven structures and strategies for engaging learners in purposeful talk and collaborative conversations about differentiated areas of their writing.

“Talk is the foundation of literacy.’ (Fisher, Frey, & Rothenberg, 2008) and, as such, is the means through which learners construct meaning, develop thinking, and transmit ideas – all key to effective writing.

With an increased emphasis on the students’ active role in engaging and effective learning, this innovative approach to differentiation ensures that all students can develop their writing skills. As teachers assess their students’ strengths and weaknesses in order to respond appropriately in their planning for effective teaching and learning, they can consider such areas of student development as language proficiency, organizational skills, knowledge of academic vocabulary, prior knowledge of content, and understanding of criteria for quality writing.

Join us to explore how teachers can structure opportunities for all learners to develop their abilities to write to inquire, hypothesize, deduce, explain, describe, analyze, compare and contrast, defend, evaluate, and/or reflect.

This webcast will be recorded. Participants of the live session will receive a certificate of participation.


Different Strokes for Different Folks

Ann Fontaine Lewis, M.Ed.

Ann Fontaine Lewis is currently an instructional coach with the Seaford School District in Delaware. She also serves on the Delaware Department of Education ELA/Literacy committee charged with developing Common Core learning progressions.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Al Thompson, Ed.D.

Dr. Al Thompson is the President/CEO of Saving Lives, Inc. He is a passionate presenter dedicated to motivating his audiences to take action on behalf of children.

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