Student Success Week - Moving Feedback Forward - Oct 28-Nov 1

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Grant Wiggins

Keynote Address: The State of Feedback Under the Common Core

Featuring Grant Wiggins, Authentic Education

Feedback. It is central to all learning, whether by young students or veteran teachers. With all the understandable focus on (and angst about) the Common Core Standards, it is vital to remind ourselves that high standards in any field are never met the first time. Thus, the quality of the feedback (and the opportunities to use it) become a central feature of effective instruction and improved learning. Grant Wiggins will explain what true feedback is and isn't, and how to ensure that students get more of it—without sacrificing achievement.

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Keynote Address

Melody Pickle

Using Web-based Technology for Interactive, Formative Feedback in Online Learning

Featuring Melody Pickle, Kaplan University Writing Center

This session will discuss how using technology and proven online pedagogies for interaction and substantive student feedback increases student engagement in online learning. Specifically, this presentation demonstrates how Academic Support Centers develop web-based tutorials, offer personalized video feedback, provide live, online tutoring and workshop sessions to create learning spaces where both students and tutor are "present."

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Practical Presence

Stephanie Lewin-Hardy

Organic Feedback: Growing through Consistent Adjustments

Featuring Stephanie Lewin-Hardy, Kean University

This session will explore ways to integrate assessment into one's lesson plan in order to grow as an educator and to be a more dynamic instructor. Learn how to utilize feedback effectively and develop skills to make learning a more effective and enjoyable experience.

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Organic Feedback

Nancy Doorey

Aligned Assessments: Effective Formative Assessments to Meet Common Core Standards

Featuring Nancy Doorey, K-12 Center at ETS®

How can formative assessment processes and tools be used to adjust instruction based on individual student needs and improve student learning? This session will provide a framework for thinking about the various types of research-based formative assessment processes and tools now available, from teacher-student interactions to carefully crafted educational games with embedded formative assessments. In addition, vetted repositories of resources specifically aligned to the Common Core State Standards will be discussed.

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Aligned Assessments

Elizabeth Jones

Data-Driven Decisions: Using Rubrics for Programmatic Assessments

Featuring Elizabeth Jones, Notre Dame of Maryland University

This session will provide real-world examples of expanding the use of rubric data to generate course-level assessments and to make program-level changes. Course-level examples examine development of critical thinking and comparison between online and face-to-face sections. Program-level example shows how rubric assessments allow a department to make actionable decisions.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Panel of Students

Office Hours: Students Share Successful Feedback Tips

Featuring a Panel of Students

This session will discuss the impact of the types and timing of feedback students receive as well as the feedback they find most meaningful and helpful. This discussion will be framed around a study of 1,000 students conducted by Turnitin entitled, "Closing the Gap: What Students Say About Instructor Feedback.

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Office Hours

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