Student Success Week 2014

Call for Proposals

Student Success Week will take place this year from October 6-10, 2014. Turnitin along with its sponsors invite presentation proposals for its second annual virtual conference on the topic of student success.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Common Standards | Uncommon Feedback.” We are interested in proposals that address the opportunities as well as challenges that institutions face when attempting to balance the need to measure student success and provide targeted, differentiated, and/or “learner-focused” feedback. We are particularly interested in proposals that discuss how technology can be brought to bear in meeting this need.

We welcome proposals that, for example:

  • Share unique or innovative approaches for using technology to provide feedback to students in support of standards-based learning (CCSS in particular);
  • Discuss curricular approaches that juggle the preparation of students for standardized testing while also providing timely, effective, and individual feedback;
  • Identify ways for using technology to enhance and/or measure student learning--whether that means game-based approaches, web-based quizzes, or other technology-based approaches;
  • Demonstrate or share research on the connection between the quality of feedback and student learning gains;
  • Discuss the use of collaborative learning approaches that leverage peer feedback to enhance critical thinking, especially in discipline areas that are not writing specific;
  • Address approaches for capturing and measuring different examples of student learning.

Proposals should be 300 words or less. Feel free to include links to additional information, previously published work, or examples. Lesson plans, rubrics, and other instructional resources for teachers is very much welcomed. Submission deadline is

If your proposal is accepted, we will invite you to participate in one of our daily virtual conference sessions the week of October 6-10, 2014. The sessions will be 45 minutes in length and be delivered via a web conferencing platform. Other proposals will be considered for guest blogs and papers that will be made available for download.