Turnitin® for iPad®: iOS 7 Compatibility

Apple® recently released iOS 7, a new operating system for iPad. If you’ve upgraded to iOS 7 you may be experiencing some unexpected behavior when using Turnitin for iPad.

We are working to make the necessary improvements to the app that will allow it to function elegantly with iOS 7. Meanwhile, we wanted to share with you some known issues when using Turnitin for iPad in iOS 7 and let you know how you can work around them.

Downloading Papers

Known Issue: When syncing papers from Turnitin down to your device (either by tapping the cloud icon and following prompts to “Sync Papers” or by toggling on the “Sync Papers” setting under an assignment's “Assignment Info”), some users may experience long delays before papers will download.

Workaround: Do not enable when prompted, or toggle off if already enabled, the “Sync Papers” option. Instead, download papers individually:

  • Option 1: While viewing the list of papers for an assignment, tap the blue cloud icon on each to download each individual paper in succession—there is no need to wait for each paper to actually download.
  • Option 2: When you're grading a paper, Turnitin for iPad already downloads a few papers for you that are next in the list. Just use the two-finger-swipe, as described in the in-app tutorial, to move to the next paper—the app will continue to download papers "ahead of you" as you continue your grading.

Originality Reports Not Rendering Completely

Known Issue: Occasionally, highlights indicating a similarity match will not display completely. You may notice that part of a line is highlighted even though the match is to a larger passage of text.

Workaround: Simply leave the paper and return to it. You can do this by going back to the assignment inbox then tapping on the item in the list, or by using a two-finger-swipe to go to the next paper then two-finger-swipe to go back to the first paper.

Unlinking Account from iPad Doesn’t Work

Known Issue: When trying to unlink your account, some users will notice the app get stuck trying to unlink. This occurs if there is any syncing taking place (where the app is communicating with Turnitin servers). The app will then “hang” in this state indefinitely.

Workaround: Force-quit the app. Note—you do this differently in iOS 7 than in previous versions of iOS. First, double-click the iPad ‘Home’ button. Second, find the Turnitin for iPad app by scrolling left or right. Then, swipe the app image upward out of the multitasking list. When you open the Turnitin app again, your device will still be linked to your account. Wait a few minutes to ensure the app is done syncing, then try unlinking again.

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