Instructor Training

Learning Additional Functions

The Comment List

The list of all marks that have been added to a paper can be viewed by clicking the comment list icon at the bottom of the GradeMark sidebar.

The list of comments can be used to navigate to the location of a comment on the paper by hovering the cursor over a mark in the comment list and then clicking on the "show on paper" link that appears.

Navigation Between Papers

An instructor grading several papers may need to move to the next or previous paper without returning to the inbox and re-launching the GradeMark interface.

The "previous paper" and "next paper" arrows at the top of each paper in the document viewer allow the instructor to continue grading without returning to the assignment inbox. Each time the instructor moves between papers, any changes that have been made to the papers are saved automatically. An instructor may select a specific student from the "Paper # of #" drop down menu.

Entering a Grade

A numeric grade may be manually entered for a paper by clicking the "Grade" box at the top right of the paper, which opens a text box to enter the grade into. The Grade field automatically displays a -- for the grade until a grade is entered. Grades entered in this field will be saved to the GradeBook.

Note: If a rubric has been attached to the assignment, a grade will be automatically entered in the grade field if the Rubric percentage is applied to the assignments total point value.


The GradeMark interface is not designed to be printed from the primary GradeMark screen. To download and print a paper with a full comment list and any rubric information, use the "print" and "download" icon at the bottom left of the GradeMark window.

A printable PDF version of the paper will be saved to your computer. Use the print menu from within your computer’s default pdf viewing application to print the GradeMark paper.

e-rater® Grammar Check Technology

The e-rater grammar feedback technology, developed by ETS®, automatically checks submissions to an assignment for grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors; providing in depth feedback with on paper marks. To use e-rater technology for an assignment it must be enabled during assignment creation.

When viewing a paper in GradeMark for an assignment with e-rater settings enabled, e-rater technology will load the grammar and spelling marks once GradeMark opens in the document viewer.

Note: It may take up to a minute for the e-rater feedback to load onto the paper.

The e-rater feedback appears on the paper as purple comments. Hover the cursor over the mark to view the description of the e-rater feedback.

The e-rater sidebar in GradeMark displays the five e-rater trait categories and the number of each type of mark found for the paper. To view the ETS sidebar click on the ETS icon at the bottom of the sidebar.

The e-rater sidebar displays each feedback category, a list of the traits for the category and the number of marks for each trait. The marks for a category can be hidden from the paper by unchecking the check box next to the category name.

During assignment creation instructors can select which categories are hidden by default for all papers submitted to the assignment.

To dismiss a mark from the paper hover over the mark and click on the "Dismiss" button.

If e-rater marks were dismissed from the paper the top of the sidebar will track the # of dismissed marks. The instructor can restore the dismissed marks to the paper by clicking on the "Reveal All" button.

To add an additional comment to the e-rater mark hover over the mark and click on the "Add comment" button.

A text box will appear below the mark description. Enter the comment in the text box and click "Save" to add the comment to the e-rater mark.

Comments added to e-rater marks can be edited by hovering over the mark and clicking on the "edit comment" button.

When an additional comment is added to an e-rater mark an icon appears next to the mark’s title informing the student or the instructor that there is a comment added to this mark.

Student Engagement

Once the papers submitted to an assignment are graded, instructors can view student engagement with the graded papers. An icon of a person with a check mark appears within the response column in the assignment inbox for each student who reviewed their graded paper in GradeMark for longer than 30 seconds.