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The Benefits of Social Media for Life

The recent trend of social media is great for the world. These web-based social sites facilitate large groups of people to exchange ideas, empathize with one another and engage in important topics. The social media help to democratize the world. One does not need technical mastery to share one's ideas or talents with the rest of the planet.

Language and Genre Awareness
Look closely at your word choice in your introduction and revise so that you set just the right tone and style for your essay.
I took care of this.

Holistic Feedback

Colorful icons show students how well their ideas are getting across

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Highlighted sentences focus students on areas of strength and areas in need of improvement

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Genre-specific advice guides students through the revision process so that students learn to write for any situation.

Tiller V.
Before, I would go through one or two revisions. With Revision Assistant, I would do over 20."
- Tiller V., Student
Julie Trager
It bettered my writing. When I see feedback, it really helps me.
- Evlyn A., Student

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See prompt-specific feedback on individual writing traits that are mapped to standards.

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From my first draft to my last draft, I saw a big difference because of the feedback that I received from Revision Assistant.
— Hannah, Student
Ninety-Four percent revision rate versus 29 percent average
Number of Drafts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Avg. increase of 1 point on a 4 point scale between first draft and final revision Score

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