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Evaluate Excel

June 2014

Excel files can be submitted to Turnitin and the service will generate an Originality Report based on the document’s text. A version of the document will be displayed in the document viewer for viewing the Originality Report as well as marking, grading, and peer review. Turnitin will display the Excel file in the Document Viewer as it would look if the file was printed or saved as a PDF.

تقييم ملفات Excel

Import Rubrics from Excel

April 2014

Creating rubrics just got easier. Simply use our Excel rubric template and add in your criteria and scales, save it, and upload it in the Turnitin Rubric/Form Manager. Finally, add your rubric scoring values and it's ready to use with any of your assignments.

Looking for more rubrics? Find one or share one in Teaching Tools »
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Grade Anything

March 2014

Instructors and students can now submit any file type to Turnitin for grading online or distributing work for peer review. Submission file types may include PowerPoint® presentations, spreadsheets, images, html code… whatever file type your students use for their assignments, Turnitin will accept it.

This exciting new feature allows Turnitin to be used by a broader range of instructors: those who evaluate presentations or teach in disciplines such as science, math, economics, and visual arts.
Learn how instructors across the curriculum use Turnitin.

Grade Anything

No submission? No problem! Instructors can provide students with feedback using Turnitin even if there is no file submitted for the assignment, such as with a musical recital or dance performance.

With Turnitin, instructors in every discipline can evaluate student learning and give rich, timely feedback regardless of the nature of the assignment.

If you are using Turnitin for iPad, not all Grade Anything features will be fully functional at this time. An update will be available in a few weeks that will enable these features.

Mark-Criterion Association

Mark-Criterion Association

January 2014

Mark-criterion association is the ability to associate marks (bubble comments and QuickMark comments) on the document with criteria in the scoring rubric or grading form in Turnitin. The association will appear both on the mark and on the criterion in the rubric or grading form. Linking on-paper marks to rubric criteria helps connect the dots between what the student actually did and how that directly impacted a grade. Learn more

Grading Forms

December 2013

Rubrics are a great way to consistently and objectively evaluate student work—but sometimes you just want to quickly evaluate student work based on a set of predefined criteria or learning goals. Turnitin’s new Grading Forms are simplified rubrics that allow an instructor to give free-form feedback and scores for students across several criteria. Grading forms are easy to create and can be attached, modified, and shared just like Turnitin rubrics. Learn more

Grading Forms


Submit and Evaluate PowerPoint

November 2013

Students are often asked to demonstrate their knowledge and communications skills in various disciplines by making presentations. As part of our Evaluate Anything℠ and Grade Anything℠ initiatives, Turnitin now supports student work submitted in the powerful and popular PowerPoint presentation format. Turnitin instructors can check originality, provide feedback using QuickMark comments, voice comments and rubrics, and include the submission in a peer review exercise. Turnitin converts the PowerPoint slide deck into a static PDF, leaving all text and images in their original format but leaving out dynamic touches like embedded video and animations. The ability to submit PowerPoint presentations may not be available through some integrations.

LTI-Compliant API

November 2013

Turnitin now conforms to the widely used Learning Tools Interoperablity™ standard LTI 1.1 from IMS global, which enables straightforward integration with most leading LMS providers. The integration provides access to core Turnitin functionality such as OriginalityCheck, PeerMark, GradeMark, Rubric Manager, and more. You can check the compatibility of your LMS on the IMS Website. Customers interested in the new Turnitin
LTI-compliant integration should contact an account representative.

IMS Global

Cloud Submit

Cloud Submit

October 2013

View Demo (01:30)

Student papers residing as Google Drive™ or Dropbox files can now be submitted directly to Turnitin. Work stored in the Google Drive format will automatically convert to a PDF file as it's submitted to Turnitin. Files from Google Drive or Dropbox in the following formats will be accepted in the existing format: MS Word, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, OpenOffice (ODT), Hangul (HWP), PowerPoint (PPT) and plain text. This feature is available for single paper uploads only and may not be accessible to all integration users.

Turnitin for iPad

August 2013

View Demo (02:00)

Turnitin for iPad allows instructors to check student submissions for originality, add QuickMark and general comments, leave a voice comment, and grade with rubrics. All work done using Turnitin for iPad automatically syncs with instructors’ Turnitin accounts. The app works directly with Turnitin and through any LMS-integrated version of Turnitin. Along with a new user experience, Turnitin for iPad also includes the ability to grade offline allowing instructors to literally Grade Anywhere. This is the first step in our Grade Anything, Anywhere℠ initiative for 2014.
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Turnitin for iPad

Common Core Rubrics Reports

Common Core Rubrics Reports

February 2013

Administrators at schools with access to the Turnitin Common Core State Standards-aligned rubrics (secondary and 2-yr. colleges in the U.S.) can now download account data regarding the use of the CCSS rubrics. The report is formatted as an Excel® spreadsheet that includes:

  • date range for a selected rubric
  • cumulative report on rubric usage for the account and for each class
  • report on each assignment that uses the rubric
  • average overall rubric score by assignment
  • assignment score broken down by the rubric criterion
  • number of assignment papers receiving a score, by criterion

Instructors interested in viewing the CCSS rubric report for a class should contact their institution’s Turnitin administrator.

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