Why Turnitin?

Promote Critical Thinking, Ensure Academic Integrity, and Improve Student Writing

Engage Students with Formative Feedback

Richer Interactions Make Learning Easier

Support Academic Integrity

Students don't know that they plagiarize. They don't necessarily understand the concept of originality. Because I have Turnitin, I can focus on it in a more positive way.

Streamline Feedback For Every Instructor

I think it's changed, for both me and my students, the way that we look at their work. A lot of the problems with getting feedback to students in a good way have been solved by using Turnitin.

Smarter Grading for Better Outcomes

Educators face increased challenges around standards-based testing and achieving positive student outcomes. Turnitin provides the ability for instructors to connect student work with the rubrics, criteria and feedback that are essential to student success.

Educator Photographs
Cindy Freed
[Turnitin] allows instructors to teach students how to critically analyze not only their work, but others.
- Cindy Freed, Educator
Julie Trager
It's not just underlining the importance of integrity and writing, but that technology is an important and essential tool for educators and students.
- Julie Trager, Educator