Turnitin All-Stars

Congratulations to Our 2015 Winners

Turnitin All-Stars recognizes educators who demonstrate a commitment to academic integrity, enhance student learning by providing more engaging feedback, or champion the use of Turnitin at their institution or district-wide. Thank you to all of the educators who dedicate themselves to student success and have shared their stories with us.

2015 MVP All-Stars: Secondary Ed


Cindy Freed

Cindy Freed

Pinellas Park High School, Florida

As the Turnitin Guru and district administrator, Cindy Freed is managing Turnitin for over 14,000 students and hundreds of teachers, providing step-by-step implementation guides and hosting professional development sessions. Read Cindy's Story

Honorable Mention

Kristen Willich
Mater Dei Catholic High School, California

Jill Sprott
Sacred Hearts Academy, Hawaii

Gnann Moser
Valdosta High School, Georgia

2015 Academic Integrity All-Stars: Secondary Ed


Jessica Riegert

Jessica Riegert

Los Alamitos High School, California

Riegert promotes Turnitin as a self-evaluative tool to gauge original thought in her courses by having students submit reading guides and classroom notes into Turnitin so students can personalize and contextualize their learning. Read Jessica's Story

Honorable Mention

Jackie Harbach
Alpha Omega Academy, Iowa

David Jacome
Benedictine Academy, New Jersey

Gail Wiercioch
Lockport Township High School, Illinois

2015 Grading & Feedback All-Stars: Secondary Ed


Eric Mills

Eric Mills

Denver School of the Arts, Colorado

Mills uses Turnitin’s online grading platform to extend classroom instruction, scaffold and differentiate feedback, or provide personalized and individualized comments for students. Read Eric's Story

Honorable Mention

Sharon Waldron
Ursuline Academy, Delaware

Brian Mays
Lower Merion High School, Pennsylvania

Peter Flynn
Roxbury High School, New Jersey

2015 MVP All-Stars: Higher Ed


Julie Trager
Lisa Boutin-Vitela

Julie Trager and Lisa Boutin-Vitela

Cerritos College, California

Julie Trager and Lisa Boutin Vitela are partners in starting "Let's Write and Turn It On," a campus-wide initiative, to emphasize the importance of integrity, writing, and technology at Cerritos College. Read their Story

Honorable Mention

Mike Scheuermann
Drexel University, Pennsylvania

Jeana West
Murray State College, Oklahoma

Katie Hughes
San Diego State University, California

2015 Academic Integrity All-Stars: Higher Ed


Susan Wildburger

Susan Wildburger

University of Texas, Dallas, Texas

Wildburger implements an intensive four-week crash course for students to learn citations, the ins-and-outs of plagiarism, the nature of paraphrasing, summarizing and citing, and perfecting research citation practices with multiple drafts. Read Susan's Story

Honorable Mention

Wylie Tidwell
Westwood College , Georgia

Jessica Vanderhoff
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Bob Jackson
Ashford University, California

2015 Grading & Feedback All-Stars: Higher Ed


Tony Russell

Tony Russell

Central Oregon Community College, Oregon

With Turnitin’s voice comments, Russell extends his ability to have face-to-face-like feedback for his commuter students, clarifies understanding of the written feedback he gives, and empowers students with more personalized feedback. Read Tony's Story

Honorable Mention

Jessica Cooke

University of North Georgia, Georgia

Charles Heath
Sam Houston State University, Texas

Jennifer Haber
St. Petersburg College, Florida

2015 Academic Original Writers All-Stars: Student


Matthew Schlosser

Matthew Schlosser


As a Senior Member of the Student Honor Council, Matthew leads with humility, compassion and the utmost professionalism. Matthew proves to be a model of integrity who cares about his fellow students and doesn’t try to judge them. Read Matthew's Story

2014 MVP All-Stars: Secondary Ed


Marc Helgeson

Marc Helgeson

Rich Central High School Illinois

Hear Marc's Story

By expanding the creativity of his assignments, Helgeson is using Turnitin as an evaluative tool for students who are more engaged—students who are synthesizing and analyzing concepts and applying what they learn to their own cultural and personal context.

Honorable Mention

Ryan Novak
Kenston Local Schools, Ohio

Matt Davidson
Pittsford Central School District, New York

Lillie Marshall
Boston Public Schools, Massachussetts

2014 MVP All-Stars: Higher Ed


Audrey Wick

Audrey Wick

Blinn College,Texas

Hear Audrey's Story

Audrey Wick discusses how she went from piloting Turnitin to organically growing its use to all four campuses at Blinn College.

Honorable Mention

Marissa Levy
Richard Stockton College, New Jersey

David Shreiber
Rutgers University, New Jersey

Dr. Shannon Farris
St. Leo University, Georgia

2014 Grading & Feedback All-Stars: Secondary Ed


Marc Vital

Mark Vital

Advanced Math & Science Academy, Massachusetts

Hear Mark's Story

Mark Vital uses Turnitin to ensure consistent, in-depth, and effective instruction in two vastly different learning contexts. For his 6th graders, it is about building a solid foundation of stepping stones earlier through increased student engagement and the accessibility of their online portfolio. For the 12th graders, it is about providing targeted FRQ feedback to aid the student's understanding of the AP grading system.

Honorable Mention

Diane Marturano
Wayne Valley High School, New Jersey

Cindy Garraway
Sandra Day O'Connor HS, Arizona

Peter Frengel
Harrisburg Academy, Pennsylvania

2014 Grading & Feedback All-Stars: Higher Ed


Rebecca Hewett

Rebecca Hewett

CSU Bakersfield, California

Hear Rebecca's Story

Rebecca Hewett uses Turnitin to evaluate assignments other than the traditional research paper, assignments like powerpoints, data visuals, public service announcement posters, and other community-oriented assignments that engage and empower students to see the value of their education and improve communication skills.

Honorable Mention

Missy Mohler
Mount Carmel College of Nursing, Ohio

Lafayette Eaton
St. John Fisher College, New York

Nayena Blankson
Spelman College, Georgia

2014 Academic Integrity All-Stars: Secondary Ed


Nancy Ruffell

Nancy Ruffell

Snowflake High School, Arizona

Hear Nancy's Story

Nancy Ruffell uses Turnitin's Originality Report to help students to integrate sources, paraphrase properly, and analyze existing scholarship. This helps to elevate students to seeing their research papers as adding to an academic conversation, empowering them to become life-long learners.

Honorable Mention

Amy Mahoney
Mahopac Central School District, New York

Jessica Thur
Dutch Fork High School, South Carolina

Cynthia Christopherson
North Stafford High School, Virginia

2014 Academic Integrity All-Stars: Higher Ed


Jennifer Schroeder

Jennifer Schroeder

Millikin University, Illinois

Hear Jennifer's Story

Jennifer Schroeder uses Turnitin’s Originality Report to promote academic integrity, independent thought, and ethical reasoning for both undergraduate and graduate students. For Schroeder, teaching academic integrity is really about engaging students and having them take more ownership of their work.

Honorable Mention

Teresa Maybee
South University, Florida

Mary Lawson
Houston Community College, Texas

Janice Webb
Coleman University, California

2014 Institutional Excellence All-Stars

Secondary Ed Winner:
Hackensack High School

New Jersey

At Hackensack High School, Turnitin is used for nearly every submission in the English Language Arts program, for grading, peer review, and checking for potential plagiarism. Other disciplines—social studies, math, science and business—have begun using it as well. Submission volume has increased 8-fold over last three years while the levels of highly unoriginal submissions has been cut in half.

"We have an entire Grade 9 team that is using Turnitin for everything from grading, they use the rubrics, they use it for peer editing, they use it for plagiarism obviously, and for a portfolio," says Roseanne Cavallo, supervisor of English, "and we have our Grade 12 team that is doing the same."

Higher Ed Winner:
Central Oregon Community College


Central Oregon Community College started using Turnitin in 2006, but it was in the 2008-2009 academic year that Turnitin was integrated with Blackboard—submission volume tripled and then increased at 20% each subsequent year. From the start they were heavy users of the online grading features and have maintained consistently low unoriginality.

"Every term, I make sure to have at least one training session on Turnitin and those are usually nicely attended," says, Barbara Klett, director of eLearning, "Plus other faculty tell their peers." Barbara's team maintains a webpage with links to Turnitin's tutorials.

Secondary Ed Honorable Mention:
Central High School


Honorable Mention Higher Ed:
Texas A&M International University


2014 Power User Institutional All-Stars

Secondary Ed Winner:
Indian Hill School District


Over the last 3 years, Indian Hill School District has tripled its volume of submissions from 3,000 to over 9,000. Nearly half of those submissions are now being graded online as well, an increase of 86% over the previous academic year.

As the director of technology, Arline Pique has helped drive the adoption of Turnitin organically, through word of mouth, and user groups. As more instructors see the benefits, ease and simplicity of Turnitin, they use Turnitin more and more. She also attributes the boost in use to an integration of Turnitin within their Blackboard LMS as well as a new "Bring Your Own Computer" initiative.

Higher Ed Winner:
New York Institute of Technology

New York

NYIT has been using Turnitin consistently since 2005, initially as a tool for checking papers for potential plagiarism. More recently, the combination of a new integration with Blackboard, updated training resources, and recurring training sessions has led to a 3-fold increase in submission volume and significant adoption of online grading. The level of unoriginal submissions also dropped by half. Francine Glazer, assistant provost and director at the Center for Teaching and Learning, says "Our center does online workshops... because we have faculty at campuses around the world."

Secondary Ed Honorable Mention:
Bridgman High School


Higher Ed Honorable Mention:
Wheelock College


2014 Original Writers Institutional All-Stars

Secondary Ed Winner:
Cascade Senior High School


Cascade Senior High School started its first academic year with a relatively low level of unoriginal submissions. In their second year of use, that was driven down even more, a 36% reduction, despite submission volume tripling. In addition, since the beginning, online grading has gone hand-in-hand with more than 70% of assignments getting graded in Turnitin.

Principal Cathy Tooley experienced Turnitin's effectiveness at a previous school and recommended it when she took over as principal. "We've spent a lot more PD time in the mornings, and now its being used by lots of other teachers, not just English," says Tooley. "We have professional development everyday here for 45 minutes.

Higher Ed Winner:
Fuller Theological


Fuller Theological Seminary recently integrated Turnitin with Moodle. Since then, the level of unoriginal submissions has reduced by two-thirds while submission volume more than doubled. Additionally, faculty's use of Turnitin's online grading features has been steadily utilized since they started using the software in 2008, with a majority of papers now being marked with Turnitin.

We've been really pushing faculty in the direction of using Turnitin, not only as an effective means to gauge plagiarism and ensure academic integrity," says Tommy Lister, director of distributed learning, "But also as a way to enhance their own grading—giving students better feedback, resulting in hopefully higher learning gains for students."

Secondary Ed Honorable Mention:
Abby Kelley Foster Charter
Public School


Higher Ed Honorable Mention:
Blinn College