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From Here to There: Students’ Perceptions on Feedback Goals, Barriers and Effectiveness

From Here to There

Students’ Perceptions on Feedback Goals, Barriers and Effectiveness

The process of teaching students how to write is centered around feedback that can guide student understanding of how their writing was received and interpreted. Feedback is essential to writing instruction. In order to provide more effective and engaging feedback, we need to ask: how well do students comprehend and act upon the feedback we deliver to them?

Lesson Plan Ideas: Engage Students & Improve Writing Skills

9 Lesson Plan Ideas for Educators

Educators are faced with an increasing challenge of engaging students. How can teachers effectively reach students and help them become better writers? What are effective approaches for promoting critical thinking and original writing?

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Teaching the Future

Robert Wilson, Deputy Head of Elsa High School - Hong Kong, discusses the challenges facing teachers in 2016 and beyond.

How learning analytics can help promote student engagement and academic integrity

Jason M Stephens will discuss how learning analytics can help promote student engagement and academic integrity.

Teaching Students about Plagiarism Early

Understanding plagiarism and its many forms is an important lesson that should be taught at every grade level. In this webinar, David Wangaard president of The School for Ethical Education explores the different forms of plagiarism and why many students end up unknowingly plagiarizing.

Creating Efficiencies in your Application Review Process

While yield season has (hopefully) just finished, travel season will be here before you know it. The admissions process can be high stakes for both the applicant as well as the counselor. Our goal is to help create efficiencies for your Counselors during this process by reducing the time spent evaluating applicant essays which include unoriginal or plagiarized content.

From Spark to Start: How to Create a Culture of Classroom Innovation

Technology for the classroom is more available today than ever, but how can we ensure we're using tech meaningfully with our students? Dr. Natashia Hill will share her proven "guinea pig" method for introducing new technology in the classroom. Join us to learn how you can make new tech implementation less stressful and how you can make your students important stakeholders in the process.

Not a Bot: Preparing Students for Accepting New Tech in the Classroom

Back to school is always the time of year to take a deep breath before diving into the school year. In this 30-minute webcast, Elsie will share a few ways to test the tech waters in your classroom, so both you and your students can feel comfortable with adding new tech like Revision Assistant— whether it's at the beginning of the year or in the middle of a unit.